I love Sticky Notes

Another crazy busy day.  Running running running.  I think the highlight of today was being back in the office, folding bulletins, and chatting odd bits of random things with Miss Secretary.  Weather, rain, summer vacations, campus news, counting up students so I’d know how many bulletins to fold…just bits of things.  I was scared of her when I first came here.  Intimidated, kind of.  But she knew the computers inside out and backwards and upside down and I needed her because of that, so I HAD to talk to her, and found out she wasn’t quite so scary after all!

Had a hall meeting tonight.  We were telling the girls that Mrs. M said they COULD go down to the river alone in the mornings if they wanted to — just not when it was dark.  I was shocked — I hadn’t heard that yet.  YAY, it made me happy!  So I was rejoicing over it and being very happy, but confused because I was surprised she changed her mind, and one girl on our floor said, no, it’s fine in the morning because the creepers were out the night before, and now they’re all exhausted and won’t bother us.  We burst out laughing!  Just the way she said it was hilarious!  Ahh…this is going to be a good year, I think!

Except it seems we have a ton of work already!  So I’m going to get busy.

I realized partly why I feel so crazy busy right off the bat — it’s ’cause I’m playing piano for this week too, in addition to several times over the weekend.  So that takes at least an hour of every day, plus more when I practice with other people for special music or whatever.  Such is the consequence of hardly touching the piano all summer — getting back into it isn’t all that easy!  Plus there’s communion on Sunday, so I’m in charge of setting it up and cleaning it up….which means I need to find my helper and talk to her…oh, and make sure I have some songs to play while it’s being passed out…hmm…I need to make a list!  I live on lists.  I survive life here only with the aid of sticky notes.  A lot of them.  Posted all over.  They keep me sane…sort of!

NOTE: to those who want to see me on video — Sorry.  It ain’t happening.  Try again in another lifetime of mine.  😉  Oh, and YouTube is blocked here.  See, it’s not even a possibility! (whew!)


5 thoughts on “I love Sticky Notes

  1. Hmm – you think since God saw it, that He’ll allow us to see it miraculously? is that Godtube? 🙂

    We’ll just have to require some skits from our staff for the parents – and record it! 🙂

    Sticky notes!… Lists! ahh! I love them too – and pencil yellow, highlighters, notebooks, notebook paper, …

    Know, Miss L., that you’re in my thoughts and prayers often! Love you! Miss you!

  2. Funny Mrs. G.!!! Yes, He could miraculously let us see it…. but no, Godtube is another site similar to Youtube but all Christian content. Not sure how you find it…. Godtube.com maybe.

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