For Sept. 10

We started Student Council meetings again today.  Enjoyed it thoroughly!  As senior class secretary, I have to type up the minutes for each meeting.  The minutes are then given to several staff members, so I only put down the serious stuff we talked about and did.  One of these days, though, I think I’m going to be very tempted to put in EVERYTHING that goes on in our meeting.  I think they’d find it highly entertaining!

Classes have begun, and we are well into them.  I have started a “quotes” list on the back page of each of my notebooks again.  My favorite today was a pick-up line one of our teachers shared with us.  A pick-up line that probably doesn’t work very well, may I add.

Boy to Girl:  “I lost my phone number; can I have yours?”

Then Mr. Brain, when acknowledging a typo in the notes: “It’s an evidence of the total depravity of computers!”


One thought on “For Sept. 10

  1. love the quotes –

    that last one reminds me of my analogy of “the pit in the jam” – which I’ve probably already told you, you’ve forgotten until I being telling it again, then you’ll remember… but if I haven’t – add it to the list of “remind me sometime to tell you’s

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