You’re scaring me!

OK, people, you’re starting to scare me.  Pressure to post videos online, and threats to write my blog for me?  AHHHH!!!!

First, the skits weren’t even videod, so there’s no WAY you can see them — unless God does do some miraculous God-tube thingy.
Secondly, I wouldn’t advise making skits mandatory for the MDP MK staff.  What they come up with could be REAL scary.  It would probably have something to do with “You’re DEAD!!!” and being brought back to life 50 times in a row.  Just a random guess, you understand.
Third, PLEASE don’t write for me.  That could get REALLY scary!!!  A girl needed me last night, and when I was done the internet was off already.  I think I’m going to put a note on my door:  “I give free hugs.”  Hmm, actually, I think I seriously will!


4 thoughts on “You’re scaring me!

  1. sound like a good excuse for not writing yesterday. I’ve finally tuned back in to your blog and intend to be a faithful listener/reader/bloggie/whatever so make sure you keep ’em coming! I’ve caught up on Sept. but decided against reading about the whole summer…only the parts that I’m in 😛 By the way, I’m flattered that one of my quotes actually made it into your blog!

  2. ah – there you are! I guess I won’t have to write your blog for you! 🙂 It could be fun… 😉

    no internet as an excuse…. we’ll consider it!

    You’re great at hugs! Miss them! and you! and you’re great at listening! “Perhaps for such a time as this…”

  3. oh – and about the deadness thing…. I suppose you’re right… it would be a major theme…. until the next MK (young one) starts something new… or we could go back to… “you look like a _________”

    Hope you’re smiling!

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