Internet is down…

So, the internet in my dorm is down.  Lovely.  Oh well.  I got work done today, at least!  Did 3 English assignments…two writing, and one spelling.  Man, I thought I left spelling behind when I graduated from high school!  Apparently not … :S

Played floor hockey tonight!  That felt good…though I am way out of shape and have absolutely no stamina.

Watched a girly movie at Mrs. President’s last night.  We were 3/4 of the way through when 2 guys came over.  We laughed so hard, ’cause they looked sooooo out of place, sitting there in the living room with us.  Hilarious!  It was a very fun evening, just interacting with the girls, watching Mr. & Mrs. President tease each other, etc.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Now I’m heading back to my dorm.  Back to internet-less world.  Funny how you get so used to having it at your fingertips…and then it’s so strange when it’s gone, and you almost feel lost.  But it’s good.  I don’t mind not having it for a few days.

Anyhow…just wanted to make sure I did a post today, so people wouldn’t threaten to write my blog for me … ’cause that kinda scares me …. 😀


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