MSN is fun!

The highlight of today was most definitely talking to my family and April online, over MSN — plus being able to see them with the webcam, and then plugging in my mic and making it a real live conversation.  The internet made delays, and the webcam was funny sometimes, but it was good.  They drank buttermilk and ate chips in front of the camera and made me jealous!  Grrrr….  Oh well.  I’ll be back in 13ish weeks!

Heard some exciting news about 2 KWT students today.  I’m happy for them!  It made me smile and give a squeal!

I’m finished playing piano for the week.  Though I enjoy it — very much this year — it’s still a relief that I won’t have to be practicing quite so much this week.

Well, I’m off.  Lynne is sleeping in my room tonight, I think, and she goes to bed earlier.  So, I’m off.


3 thoughts on “MSN is fun!

  1. HEY!!! I want to know about the news too!! If you don’t tell me than…than…than…I’ll be mad! Okay….maybe it depends….but I’ll still might find out because…we might be going to KWT for thanksgiving weekend! Ooh…sorry Lois…I didn’t mean to make you jealous, but you’re not the only one that misses that place…right Mrs. Steele??

  2. Right!!! KWT sort of gets into your heart…. I think it is actually the people and the relationships that get into your heart more than the place….
    Last time we were there it didn’t feel so much like coming home as it had in the past. So many faces have changed. I think that has alot to do with it. I am really glad we were there when we were…. I really like the people we got to know!

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