Backs are annoying

Well, it’s been a busy day.  Two classes this morning, and two study halls!  Yay, study halls are so nice!  One of them was an RA meeting with Mrs. M.  Fun.  Helped make rolls in the kitchen with McTom again.  Brought back memories from last fall!

The best thing about today…hmmm…talking with Hope this afternoon for a while.  We had a good chat.  God is bigger than our problems, whether they’re money problems, or uncertainty about the future, or anything.  It’s good to know that.

My back is hurting major big time.  I think I need to ship my chiropracter out here.  This is not fun.  But Melody came down for a visit this evening, and gave me a backrub while we talked, so that helped.  I’d appreciate prayer for it, though.  I wasn’t able to keep it in line this summer, because of working at the berry farm, so I came back to school with it not in the greatest condition.  It’s gotten extra bad since I played hockey on Saturday night, though, and I’m worrying that it’s going to go wacko on me like it did back in 2005.  I shouldn’t worry about it … but it is a concern I have … but I’m trying not to think about it too much … yeah, you get the point!  I’d appreciate prayer.  Sitting in classes and meetings and chapels doesn’t really help either.  But playing hockey certainly didn’t either!

ANYWAY, I’m actually getting sleepy and it’s actually before 10, so I think I’ll head to bed early and catch up on some sleep.


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