Borders and wiggling

Wow!!!  Crazy fun day!  Went across the border to get supplies for the canteen.  Wheeling 3 shopping carts up to the tills, one FULL of Pringles ($64 worth), one FULL of pop (excuse me, “soda” for all the Americans who read this…which would probably only be one, actually, come to think of it — [I love you, Mrs. G!]), and the other FULL of other random junk food — this always gets a reaction!  “Hmm….which cashier shall we victimize today???!  It all went very smoothly though — the shopping, paying, crossing the border back…  It was a nice change from last time!

Had a hall meeting tonight.  LAUGHED a lot.  Random things heard in our meeting:
–“If any intruders come in the dorm, scream for me.  I will protect you!  Lynne has a desk leg to bop them over the head with!  I have a knife!!”
–“I’m putting a sign in the bathroom stall with the toilet that runs…and runs…and runs.  It will say ‘Did you remember to wiggle?’  ‘Cause I’m sick of fixing that thing at 11:30 at night!!!”  (hmmm…this almost feels like MDP…only I’m playing BN’s part!)  That announcement brought shrieks and screams of laughter from the girls…especially when it had to be translated into French!  As usual, someone from upstairs came down and told us to be quiet.  That happened alllll  the time last year.  How is it I always end up on loud floors?!  Except for freshman year…we were definitely the quietest floor, and the best-behaved, too — mostly ’cause Lean and I were terrified freshmen!

Ahh, yeah…life is good 🙂


One thought on “Borders and wiggling

  1. for the record…. soda was pop my entire life until I moved to Wisconsin! Then we had to be retaught… kind of like trying to decide to use restroom or washroom… :-S when you have to go – it takes much more time to think through what country I’m in and to respond appropriately!

    “The remember to wiggle” sign is very helpful (should have put it up again this year…why didn’t we?). It does take some explaining to visitors though…

    It seems to me that wherever you are – you not only find joy, but cause it! That’s a good thing! 🙂

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