Sept. 16, 08

Last night was the first night since coming back to school that I slept like a rock.  Ahhh!!!!  It felt so good!  Woke up refreshed, with a new perspective on life and people, feeling alive and awake, and my back was much better too.  Thank-You, God!

Student Council is so much fun.  Depending on my mood (an impatient, rushed mood is a baaaad thing to go into our meetings with!), our meetings are either hilariously funny or an exercise in patience and long-suffering-ness.  Today was a hilarious one.  We have so much fun with the bureaucracy of these “official” meetings!  Like today, when we were talking about an idea for Harvest Fest coming up this weekend.  J. Pres was like, “Hey, that’s a great idea!  Ernest, I nominate you to carry it out!”  Ernest flatly replies, “I veto the idea!”  For some strange reason, Ernest refuses to be the one to go across the border to the US to buy Canteen supplies….

Life is ridiculously stupid sometimes, it seems.  Just things contradicting each other.  All I can do is sit back and laugh on some days…’cause the only other option is cry or scream!


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