I’m allergic to rap

I discovered something yesterday, on our little shopping excursion.  Not only do I hate rap music (sorry to those of you who do enjoy it), and not only does it make me want to SCREAM at times, for sudden unexplainable reasons, but it also makes me sick.  Seriously!  Halfway there, I suddenly realized that man, I felt AWFUL.  It was quite strange, because while I often feel a little sick while driving, it’s never bad enough to notice really and suddenly be afraid of losing my supper.  And I can always just focus on something outside and be fine in a few seconds.  But this time — no matter what I did, it was still there.  Majorly.  I felt terrible.  Looking out the side windows made me dizzy.  Couldn’t figure out why.  Then the song (if it could  be called that!) changed and there were a few seconds of silence.  My stomach calmed instantly.  WEIRD!!!  I’m allergic to rap music — LOL!!!


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