Big sister empty-nest syndrome??

The highlight of my day…hmmm…hard to pick!  Chapel was REALLY fun today.  The guy was 90 years old…on his honeymoon, with his bride of 4 weeks…they met and were married in 3 months!!  I guess when you’re that old, you don’t have time to waste!  He was so interesting to listen to, and I loved his easygoing, informal, fun manner.  Such a nice change from the typical formality here.  And his son married a Native lady from one province over from me, and I know they town they live in, and just that connection with home and my “normal” life nearly made me cry right there in chapel!

Another highlight…my big brother phoned!  Haven’t talked to him for a long time.  Busy boy is working like crazy.  Tried calling my little brother several times today.  It was his first day of Bible school, on the west coast, and his birthday.  I cried buckets today over that.  Not exactly sure why.  I think I’m going through big sister empty-nest syndrome.  Except I’ve already left the nest, so I’m not sure how that works.   ???

Nesser had a 5 hour drive today, moving machinery down to the next farm they’re working at.  I didn’t mind talking to him this evening so the last hour would go faster 😉  It was fun passing messages back and forth with Kay and Levi, on the radio.

I’m tired.  But it was a good day.

Quote of the day…talking to one of the girls just minutes ago — I dare not say the name! — “You can’t have EVERYTHING, you kow!”  “I know, but I want as much as I can have!”


2 thoughts on “Big sister empty-nest syndrome??

  1. If it helps I’m going through big sister empty-nest syndrome too! I’ve never been an only child before! I go to visit my friends, they all leave and I am left. Weird! I’ll take good care of your parents for you while I am here.

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