Thankful for MY school…and its phones!

The best things about today…

…my little brother phoned me!!!  It was good to hear from him … find out how he’s doing … hear about the guys he’s staying with … etc, etc, etc.  I had considered his school quite seriously, when I was in Grade 12.  But now I finally know why God sent me to my school here in the east.  His school has 2 phones people can call in to, and 2 phones that you can phone out from … which equals 4 phones for about 140 students.  W…O…W.    I think I would’ve died there!  Seriously … I don’t think I could’ve survived my freshman year without my almost weekly phone calls home.  Talking to my family gave me the stability I needed.  Without those calls, I was an emotional basket case.  Four phones for 140 students?  I think God knew I needed a school with a lot of phones.

Suddenly, I am no longer jealous of the guys’ dorm with 2 phones on each floor, as compared with our girls’ dorms with only 1 on each floor.  I am thankful for the phones … even though most evenings they’re busy all the way through study hall.  I am thankful for my school!!!


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