Music and red tape

We are having a kids’ rally shortly, so for chapel music this week, Mr. Music has been teaching us the songs we will sing in the rallys.  Thus, we have these songs with ridiculously catchy rythyms going over and over and OVER in our heads, the entire day!  Patty was getting her mail in the Dining Hall yesterday, and as she walked past the laundry/vegetable area, she whistled 5 notes from the chorus of yesterday’s song.  Instantly, the entire vegetable crew and the people in the laundry area broke into song!  She said she almost felt like her life was one of those musicals, where everyone breaks into song everywhere you go!

Well, my blog page FINALLY loaded, so I’m going to post this and way half an hour while it loads THAT page…the internet is being real crazy lately.

Spent a whole bunch of time on the phone with Elections Canada and then my bank.  Red tape is SO annoying.  Figuring out how to vote … where to vote … calling numbers and numbers and numbers and listening to menus and menus and menus…  Then I had to prove to my bank that yes, I am still a student, so please don’t change my account to something where I have to pay big money….  More menus.  More numbers.  More red tape!


5 thoughts on “Music and red tape

  1. Just think…. in the OLD days – not so far away for some of us! – when WE were in Bible school. There was one phone per house (we housed 14-16 girls or guys in houses that surrounded the campus). It was actually a pay phone…

    But – consider this old relic of an idea! – NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!! NO EMAIL!!!!!!!! NO IM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder how my parents survived??????

    We could go back even further – way before my time – to when families would move to the other side of the country – by wagon train – and had to wait for another wagon train to return to get mail to let the relatives know that they arrived safely – or were expecting, or had delivered a baby, or had experienced a death….. Took a lot more trust in God, didn’t it?

    Internet – Something to thank God for, eh? And besides – your crazy internet gives you something to laugh about! 🙂

  2. oh – forgot about the music –
    If you want to forget those songs…. you could always go back to . . .

    Where is Thumbkin! Where is Thumbkin?

    To get rid of that song, you could always go back to…

    Be kind to your fine feathered friends….. (isn’t that the famous song of the duck?)

    You’re welcome – I’m sure you’ll thank me! 🙂

  3. you guys are ALL crazy!!! Lois…. no wonder you are hyper…… with comments like all those! I am hyper now too! I might have to go draw a bug on my hand and teach it to T,T &K…. call it sight reading! The “IS” word family! And fine motor skills all rolled into one!

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