It’s not hard to pick out of best part of today — Babysitting for a former student family.  Two little boys, 5 (Patrick) and 1ish, and then their older brother came home from school partway through.  Ahhh!  I didn’t realize how much I missed kids.  It was so good to hold a squirming, wiggling baby, and see the little smiles that would light up his face.  I gave airplane rides and horsey rides and bear rides and cat rides and big-dog rides, and yappy-dog rides, and lion rides (complete with sound effects — compliments of MDP) and we alternated being the mouse monster, and we played cars and Patrick bumped all the way down the stairs backwards and bonked his head, so I had him check to make sure it was still attached to him….  Had a little chat with their mother before and after, and she told me what assignments to watch out for this year…  It was SO nice.  I didn’t realize that I missed kids so much, but I came away feeling like some huge hole in my heart had been filled.


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