I am so hyper this morning.  It’s weird.  According to all logic, I shouldn’t be — I should be tired, ’cause I was up late last night.  But I’m wired instead!

In response to comments:
–We have one phone to about 13 girls, and they’re payphones.  But most of the people I call have really good phone plans, so they just call me right back and it works nicely.  I like it.  🙂  No internet, though?  HORRORS!
–I was singing the Thumbkin song the other day.  Melody accused me of singing the wrong words.  Have you taught me wrong at MDP, Mrs. G?!  And no, I’m NOT thanking you for the duck song!!!  Do I have to threaten you the way I threaten Duck’s life?!!!!   Don’t make me do it!!!  And Brother — don’t make me hurt you too!!  But…those did get the chapel song out of my head…. 😯
–OOooh!!!!  The bug, the bug, the bug!!!  I forgot about him!!!!  I wrote letters on my fingers during class, and then I got Lynne to draw a bug on my hand when I got back to the dorm.  Now I have to go back to chapel and find Dyson!!  And Hope!!
–Miss Steele, I enlightened Andrew as to what IBAH is.
–April, thanks for taking care of my parents while I’m away!


2 thoughts on “Responses

  1. “I’m going to class….” is an original lyrics… by – your’s truly! 🙂

    The old-fashioned way of singing it is… hmmm – too many years of MDP! … got to think for a minute… you know — I don’t know where he was originally going… you see! I gave him purpose!

    ok – I had to look the lyrics up! I don’t think I’ve ever sung it this way… here they are…

    Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin?

    Here I am, Here I am.

    How are you this morning?

    Very well, I thank you.

    Run away, Run away.
    My family of Thumbkins were Christians. I have another version where the last line is, “I’m going to church!”

    Also – THEY – however THEY were…. called the little finger, “pinkie” – instead of “the baby.”

    I might be prejudiced, but I like my words better…. however- in THEIR version, they learn manners. I’ll take church and MDP class over manners…. I think!

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