Interruption — special post!

Here’s the picture, Sanderly.  You can click it if you want to enlarge it.  Should work for you.  It was hard to get a good picture of it, because the camera couldn’t handle the sparkles…so I had to put it under the desk and take a pic!

For the rest of you puzzled peoples — sorry!  Just skip down to the next post!  Sanderly wanted a pic, but other methods weren’t working.  Oh, the unique problems distance creates!


5 thoughts on “Interruption — special post!

  1. I must be a puzzled peoples – I skipped to the next post and still couldn’t figure out why you posted that pic. Can you resolve my curiousity?

  2. Wow! You’ve got people curious! I vote for the puzzled peoples to remain puzzled. It’s more fun that way! Don’t cave under pressure.

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