Sept. 28, 08

Practicing a skit for advertising the opening of the Canteen on Tuesday … brainstorming ideas … settling on one that involved several people dying (don’t worry, they’re all rescued in the end) … question as we were discussing things … “How many ways can we come up with to die creatively??”

It’s another rainy day.  Officially the 4th hurricane in 4 weeks is reaching us.  This is another day during which I could curl my hair 16 times and it would STILL be flat by supper time!

Heard on my floor tonight:
One girl was sad ’cause the Montreal Canadian game was going into overtime, which meant that, because our internet shuts off at 10:30, she wouldn’t be able to check the score till the morning.  She was bemoaning that sad fact, and I was offering my shoulder for her to cry onto.  Her roommate (not a Montreal Canadian fan) said, “Look, I don’t mind if you’re upset about the game tonight, or that you cheer for the opposite team that I do.  But please keep HIM — (extracting a teddy bear with the Montreal Canadian symbol on his shirt from HER blankets) — OFF my bed!!!!”


3 thoughts on “Sept. 28, 08

  1. Great story from your floor. Paul loved the story…He’s all hyper because NHL starts this week and we get cable to watch it on.

  2. How many ways can we come up with to die creatively??

    I agree with Miss Steele… you should be an expert at this! You’ll have to thank Mr. N, eh?

    btw – it seems you’re getting plenty of experience in the drama department – we’ll have to definitely plan on something next spring!

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