Boys and cell phones

Well, for a sick day, it was pretty good.  Got some homework done, as well as some Student Council work.  Did some internet “work.”  Slept.  Read.  Drank gallons and gallons and gallons of green tea, water, and orange juice.  Visited that room at the end of our hall over and over and over.

My big brother called.  From his cell phone.  In a truck.  While he was waiting for the combine to bring his next load.  FUNNY!!!  I laughed.  Now I have two boys calling me, on their cell phones, from their trucks, waiting for combines to bring them their loads, while they are working on their separate farms, which are about the same size, and they are harvesting the same thing right now,  and I am on their “favorite 5/10” free calling list.  Oh, and they both always halt conversation numerous times to say, “Hang on, I have to listen — they’re talking to me on the radio.”  Whereupon I eavesdrop on the radio conversation, and now I know what’s happening at two different farms, with two different sets of peoples.  This is funny!  Oh — the other boy is Nesser … in case you couldn’t guess!


2 thoughts on “Boys and cell phones

  1. sorry to hear that you got my cold. I didn’t realize I could pass it on long distance 😛
    I’ve been banished to the basement for now…because I insist on watching my favorite hockey team…and my favorite player just did a nice back-hander! Ah, I love hockey season. I don’t think I could survive if the internet were to cut out and I couldn’t find out the score until the next morning!
    Hope you get better quick.

  2. Ah, I feel sad that I can’t be there to help! Which video would you like to watch while you lay on the couch?! You were a good patient for me!

    Love ya!

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