Nobody will make me lemon tea :(

Officially sick today.  Ugh.  I hate being sick when I’m not at home!  Nobody spoils me here like Mom does us kids at home!  Isn’t somebody going to make lemon tea for me?  WHAT?!?!  You say I have to make it myself?!?!? 😯

And then having to stay in my room all day?!?  Good grief, doesn’t anybody here know that sick people need to spend the day lying on a COUCH out where the activity is?!  *sigh*  Life is rough!  Oh well.  At least my sense of humor is intact.  And tomorrow I will be better.

For the puzzled peoples — the picture was posted for Sanderly, and no, you didn’t miss the explanation because there WAS no explanation.  “Skip to the next post” meant it’ll only make sense to Sanderly, and I put the pic on here because email wasn’t functioning right so I couldn’t do it that way.  Lovely internet.  But I AM thankful for the internet here!!!!  AND the phones!!!


One thought on “Nobody will make me lemon tea :(

  1. Sorry you’re sick! Wish I was there to make you lemon tea!

    That’s one thing I learned (by experience) about the same age as you… The worst thing about growing up and being on your own is that there’s no one to care for (or pamper) you when you’re sick… whether it’s to make the tea, or hold your hair back when you are …. well – you get the picture! Family is pretty special! 🙂

    by the way – I’m back in the world of internet…. after several days in the mountains of Colorado!

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