Still sick

Still sick.  Didn’t take a sick day, though.  Didn’t want to miss an entire day of Mr. Brain’s classes.  That could’ve been bad.  And I was glad I went, ’cause I REALY enjoyed Old Testament Synthesis today.

I hate being sick out here.  Lynne mothered me some, though.  When she found me on the phone partway through the afternoon (after she’d told me to go to sleep) she GLARED at me (but I didn’t have my glasses on, and couldn’t see what she was doing in the doorway of the lounge, so I had to ask her to come a little closer so I could see her expression!).  Then she went back to my room and got my tea and brought it to me, and a blanket, and made sure my toes were covered so I’d be warm while I talked to April and Mom on the phone!


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