I love my old ladies!!!

Wow…I love my old people!  I was tired and cranky and fed up this afternoon.  I still struggle (sometimes a LOT) with the formal, strict, regulated “whiteness” of this school in contrast with the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and culture I grew up in.  This afternoon was one of those days!

It was the first day of my practical, and I really didn’t feel like going.  Kinda dreading it — Corine (the other girl on my practical) and I were wondering how many of our old ladies would have survived the summer, because some were really low last spring.  The nurse met us at the first home and proceeded to take us through the halls, telling us who would like to come to our meeting, who wouldn’t, how to help them, etc. etc.  We came to Mrs. D’s area in the building.  She was a favorite of ours — though I know you’re not supposed to have favorites.  I was totally expecting her to be gone.  But — there was a spark of hope.  I eased around the corner, holding my breath, afraid — not wanting to look — but desperately wanting to know.  Her name was still written on her door!  I sagged back in relief.  “Corine!!!” I whispered, around our guide.  “She’s here!  She’s still here!!”  I could’ve cried with relief!

Some of our people recognized us and gave us warm, welcoming hugs.  It was so GOOD to be back with them.  Singing…hugs…a pat on the shoulder here and there…brief conversations…getting to our second senior’s home late…as always!  They are so hilarious!  At the second home, Corine left her shoes at the door and came in barefoot.  She overheard one lady say, “She doesn’t have her shoes on!” and another lady reply cynically, “Well, that’s what kids do these days.”  I can just imagine her shaking her head in disapproval!

Ahhhh….life is good.  I came back from my practical happy.  Totally on top of the world HAPPEEE!!!!!

And a hilarious quote from Theology class today — we were discussing a passage where the Son of Man says it is not for Him to know the hour of the second coming…only the Father knows that.  But how can the Son NOT know, if He’s equal with the Father?  Discussing things…going back to the Greek…finally one French guy exasperatedly asks, “Why do theologians always need to explain it all??  Why can’t we just shut up and believe it???!”  😯  There was a second of shocked silence, then a burst of laughter and we had to restrain ourselves to keep from clapping!


One thought on “I love my old ladies!!!

  1. Thinking outside of ourselves usually helps to make our days better, eh?

    Sounds like you’re better or you wouldn’t be sharing germs with all those dear older ladies. 🙂

    great quote! 🙂

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