AMEN, preach it, boy!

We were discussing softball on the way to our practical on Thursday night.  Corine was rebuking Joe for not playing, and asked why he didn’t.  His reply?  “There’s such a high chance of nothing happening.”  AMEN, preach it, boy!  That would most definitely be my #2 reason for retiring from my softball/baseball career!
#1 — too many little rules I’m not told about, and I break every single one of ’em.  Not kidding.  I somehow find all those little things that everyone thinks are common sense so they don’t tell me about them, and I break ’em.
#2 — it’s way too boring.  Give me a stick and a little ball any day, PLEASE, and let me chase it around on the floor of a gym and I’ll be MUCH happier!

The highlight of Thursday (other than my old people!!!) was when we were sitting in chapel, and Mr. Funny mentioned we had a lot of missionaries and asked them all to stand and introduce themselves one at a time.  I gasped out loud and nearly lunged out of my seat when a couple all the way over on the side of the chapel introduced themselves.  HEY!!!!  Home!!  West!!!  Family!!  Mission Family!!  I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE!!  Mr. President saw my gasp and lunge which I managed to curb before it turned into a full-fledged sprint across the chapel, and laughed at me.  Third year.  And I still nearly go ballistic when I see a license plate from home, or people from home, or anyone from my mission family!


One thought on “AMEN, preach it, boy!

  1. Finally – a good, solid, logical reason for not playing the game! “Such a high chance of nothing happening.” I haven’t actually sat down to think about why I don’t really enjoy baseball, but you hit the proverbial nail on the head. That must be partly why I love floor hockey so much – there’s always action! And I know 99% of the rules! And I don’t let my team down if I can’t hit the puck on the first try!

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