One year with WordPress!

First exam of the year: DONE!!!  It was a Romans exam … a Dr. Brain exam … a hummdinger, as usual.  I like his, though (strangely!) because I can explain myself on them, and don’t have to know HIS wording, and HIS definitions, etc.  We had to know the Greek alphabet for this one, and be able to write out the names and letters.  Fun stuff.  I’m thankful for those years waaaay back in school when we were doing the ATI program and learned the Greek alphabet to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”  That definitely made this first semester much easier!

My quote of the day is DEFINITELY something Button told me:  “You’re not a phone hog!  I hardly ever see you on the phone!” And she was serious!  YESSSSS!!!!  I want that in writing!  Right now!  Quick, before she changes her mind!!

October 5, 2008 was my one-year blogging-with-Wordpress anniversary!  (other bloggers celebrate their “anniversaries” so I figured maybe I should too).  Umm, so yeah, in celebration of the date, I, uh, didn’t blog (obviously), because I was studying for a Romans exam.  Did you know Romans has 7114 words in it? (KJV version, that is).  Yeah, well, I didn’t study that part, so I lost a mark on the test.  But now I know it!  I’m so glad, too, ’cause it’s absolutely vital to my spiritual walk 🙄  Dr. Brain also asked how many verses are in the book of Romans.  I didn’t know that either, so I went and counted ’em.  But I didn’t feel like sitting there alllll day and counting the individual words!


3 thoughts on “One year with WordPress!

  1. What is the value of knowing the number of words or verses in a book? I have never thought to count them! I have never even been curious about that…. not very spiritual yet I guess. But really…. I am curious to know the reason for that information.

  2. I agree with Mrs. Steele… (so does Mr. G!)! Though we know that there are 1188 chapters in the Bible… the reason we know that is because we counted them to make a CLUB 1188 – to encourage the kids in our Bible club to read a total of 1188 chapters during the year… the only reason we ever made it was because of the leaders….

    If you apply what you’re reading… and learn the heart of Romans – we are not under law but under grace (Romans 6: (middle of the chapter!). etc., etc., etc….

  3. Congratulations on your one-year blogging aniversary. I enjoy `checking up`on you and finding out what`s happening out east! And your blog is also encouraging and uplifting.

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