Reflexes working? Check

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing this morning.  Actually, I’m not even sure I woke up.  One second I was sleeping, and the next second I had hit the floor running and was half-way down the hall.  I met Hope coming from the direction of the lounge, and that was when I actually woke up — completely confused.  I didn’t hear the phone anymore.  What was I doing?  Why’d I get up so quick?  I must’ve dreamed it.  Andrew doesn’t even call in the mornings anymore.  “What am I doing?” I mumbled to Hope, completely, totally out of it.  She said something to me, I said something back (I have no idea what was said — pretty sure I was still 80% asleep).  Turned around and went back to my room and jumped in my bed to finish sleeping like normal people do.  Seconds later, Emmi knocked on my door.  “Lois?  The phone is for you.  It’s your brother.”  Ah HA!!  So I DID hear right, and my brain wasn’t playing tricks on me!  It’s good to know my hear-the-phone-ring-and-hit-the-floor-running reflexes are still in working order!

We didn’t get a whole lot done in our student council meeting today, other than a whole ton of laughter.  Things heard in our meeting:
“You’re a juice bag!!” (special student council insult)
“Hey, let’s give away free hot chocolate at the All Star game tonight, and we can give a baby to every 50th person!”


2 thoughts on “Reflexes working? Check

  1. Cool! You have pretty good reflexes! I didn`t know my phone call would get such a big result – I should try it again tomorrow – I`ll phone earlier (before `tonight`!)

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