If I’m gone on Friday, you know where to look…

Wow.  Crazy busy today.  Tomorrow’s going to be completely insane again too, I think.  AHHHH!!!!  One thing at a time, Lois…one thing at a time.

I have overheard the funniest things today.
Mrs. Dean, running around looking for her husband.  “Well, I thought he was in the fridge, but I didn’t see him when I looked.” ????!!?!  Things clicked into place when I remembered he’s been helping her cook in the Dining Hall a lot!

And on my floor: (this is where it gets scary!)
The two wrestlers were at it again — Hope and Miss Teapot.  Miss Teapot’s roommate exclaimed to Hope, “Don’t kill her!  I’m quite fond of her!” The way she said it made Miss Teapot sound like her pet or something.  Hope’s roommate burst out laughing.  “So, you do you take her for walks every now and then, and always remember to feed her??!”

It’s still quite strange to be a senior and an RA.  Still hasn’t quite sunk in, really.  The thermostats always have big signs posted by them “Do NOT touch — talk to your RA if you are cold.”  Melody is an RA on the upper floor of my dorm, and her MSN saying for most of the day was something along the lines of, “For some reason, during these last 4 months, I have suddenly matured enough to be allowed to touch the thermostat!”  Well, I read that and then realized, wow, I can too!  This is so cool!  (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know — cheap thrills!)

Some easterners who moved west last fall came back for a visit last month, and are stopping in tomorrow night. Mrs. M called me to see if I was willing to have them stay in my room, so I called them to arrange it.  I was talking away, asked where they’d be heading Friday morning, and she told me.  West.  My province!  They will drive right past my house!!!  AND they have an extra spot in their vehicle.  AHHH!!!!  I called Mrs. M the second I was free. “Mrs. M!!  Do you realize what you just did?!?!  You put people in MY room who are leaving for MY province the next morning, AND they have an extra seat!!!  Just out of curiosity…have you ever had a RA leave partway through the year???!” She threatened to hunt me down if I tried it. “Don’t say I never warned you!” I muttered.   Seriously, though…all the way to my house?  I’d get there just in time for Thanksgiving, if we pushed it.  Incidentally, I happen to have those 4 days off from school, too.  The only problem is that I would have to get BACK here then.


Man!  Just had to slap myself!  Seriously, the more I think about this, the more tempted I am!  REALLY tempted!

I need to go to bed…before I start packing my bags!


2 thoughts on “If I’m gone on Friday, you know where to look…

  1. Hey, that’s COOL that you can finally adjust the thermostat! (I know, I’m a pretty punny guy – I have my moments!) (I can also wax bombastic at times)

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