Practical tonight!!!  Our old ladies are so much fun…they’re hilarious!  I have Western company tonight…I’m enjoying them…

I’m going away tomorrow!  I love the fact that we get a long weekend off for both Canadian and American Thanksgivings this year.  So, I’m off to visit my old roommate, Lean.  Definitely looking forward to it.  Looking forward to the break from school life!  Might pop in tomorrow morning for a quick post, but probably not. I’ll be busy packing and making last minute phone calls and doing all other last-minute stuff.  Pray for me!  I’m driving all the way there with McTom — crazy driver!  I don’t wanna die yet!!!!  OK, so I’m exaggerating, and he promised he wouldn’t speed too badly….if he does, I’ll kill him out and I will drive his car 😀


One thought on “Leaving!

  1. Enjoy your weekend! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    We’re home now. Our new grandbaby is arriving anytime now. We’re just waiting for the phone call that tells us to head toward the hospital!

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