From the WAAAAAY east!

Checking in briefly, from WAAAY east.  I’m enjoying my weekend away from school.  Lean’s getting married next June, so we went to the Bridal Place and she tried on her dress for me.  Wow, is that my little roommate?!?!  I tried on my bridesmaid dress, and pronounced my approval on it, which made her VERY happy and relieved!

I saw a license place from home last night!  We were driving out to Thorie’s place, and I was staring out the front window, completely lost in thought.  Noted absently that Thorie was coming up to that car in front of us awfully fast, and it wasn’t very safe for him to be so close behind.  Then he flicked on his brights to illuminate their license plate, and said, “Hey Lois — look at THAT!”  I promptly did my freak out, give a scream, bounce off the roof thing, declared that I LIKED those people, and he was satisfied!

Played Uno with him and Lean and McTom till late last night.  The phone rang part-way through, and I promptly threw in my cards and declared myself out of that game!  It was Nesser.  Talked a few minutes, and then he wanted to talk to them, ’cause they were pouting that he’d talk to me and not them.  Asked which one he wanted.  He said he didn’t want to pick and make one upset.  I smirked and hollered over to the guys that Nesser wanted to talk to LEAN, and that made BOTH the guys throw up their hands in frustration.  Ahh…it’s a fun life!

I miss my home…I miss my family…I miss my Grandpa & my Grandma and my cousins and my aunties and uncles a lot…  I am thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving away from school, though.  Thanksgiving AT school just makes me REALLY miserable!  So I am thankful for Lean’s family. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “From the WAAAAAY east!

  1. The people in that car with the Alberta license plate probably don’t like you guys very well… flashing your brights in their rearview mirror….

    so – Nesser messes with games, eh? NOT a good thing! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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