“Shouldn’t “C” be “A”?

First of all, Mrs. G — remember alllll the times at MDP when I REMAINED sitting at your kitchen table, and said, “I’ll call him AFTER this game.”  Remember?!?  (don’t you dare pull your “I have a bad memory” excuse out now!)

Had a fun drive back.  How could it not be fun, with McTom in the driver’s seat?!  At one point, I asked him flat out, “Why don’t guys like to stop and ask directions?”  He gave me a very straightforward answer which completely cracked us up.  And Nikki’s response totally cracked up any part of us that wasn’t cracked up yet!  So I figured I’d share the revelation with you, in case anyone else was pondering this guy question also.

McTom said, “Well, it’s like this.
A)  Guys like adventure.  Not knowing where you are or where you’ll end up appeals to that side of them.
B)  It’s how guys learn their way around.  Get lost, and you’ll find your way out, and know the way after that.
C)  We’re stubborn.”

Nikki, sitting in the back seat, didn’t skip a beat.  His last words were hardly out of his mouth, and she piped up with, “Should “C” be “A”?????!”


19 thoughts on ““Shouldn’t “C” be “A”?

  1. Would you believe I REALLY don’t remember? Besides – NOW seems to be different than then…. NOW you leave in the middle of the game….. hmmmm

    I can sum up the answers – though you might want to delete this before any of the guys see it- it’s EGO…. granted – it’s the way God made them… but it IS – ego…. for what it’s worth… 🙂

  2. It is NOT ego, necessarily! It can be ego, but it isn’t always. See, God has made guys with the desire to prove themselves, to figure things out, to try new things, and to love challenge (girls too, but it’s different). So, it’s exciting (even if he doesn’t look excited) for a guy to try to figure out where to go, even if it appears that he has not idea. He’s figuring out a complex problem, and if he guesses right, than he feels smart and vindicated. If he doesn’t, then he must swallow his pride.

    On the other hand, there are guys who will not ask for directions even when they should. For them it is ego-based. And they need to deal with that. Their security shouldn’t be based on their ability.

    I like McTom’s answer about it being an adventure issue. That’s where the girls are different, because they have a greater value on security – ie, “I know where I am and how to get where I’m going. If we’re lost, I feel vulnerable and unsafe.” Guys can be “directionally challenged”, and still having a great time, not stressed out at all (unlike the ladies). Time and deadlines is another factor.

    Any other questions?!

  3. now – Andrew (& Lois!) – if you think I was stereotyping guys, then perhaps you, too, are stereotyping “girls.”??????

    Lois – go ahead and feel free to delete this one, too… I’m VERY tired and not thinking very gracefully at this point… from being with Ashley and all the family today (Wed) since 8 a.m. – (it’s now 3:12 am on Thur) – guess what! We have our first grandson!!!!! Baby and mommy are doing well…. grandma and grandpa are exhausted! Alex is a very quiet coach – he says I’m a better motivator…. so – I basically worked her through all her rough contractions!

    Baby is – Andrew (hey – that sounds like someone we know! 🙂 Alexander Onesti – born at 10:31, 8 lb 5 oz, 20 in long! with a cute little round face!

  4. Exactly where in my post did I stereotype girls?? Is it not a historically proven fact that women/girls tend to get more emotional in a vehicle if the driver (a man) is “lost” (temporarily, of course)? It is the women/girls who say “STOP and ask for directions”, “why don’t you stop?”, “we’re going to be late (by implication, it will be your fault)”, “he was lost, but he wouldn’t admit it”, etc. It is the guys who are cool, calm and collected, even in the midst of this (sometimes) emotional situation. They know that things will turn out all right in the end. (Er, ah, at least, things usually turn out alright!) Again, some guys do have an ego problem and compound the situation and remain lost or become really late because they don’t want to ask for directions when logic says they should.

  5. And in other news, I must have had a pretty strong impression on you for you to name your grandson after me! (jk!) I am HONORED!

  6. Again Lois – your blog is coming alive without you… ah – but we DO need you to begin our discussions! 🙂

    Ego – doesn’t necessarily have to be bad… we can go into that more whenever we are together again! 🙂

    btw Lois – aren’t you supposed to give me some signal to keep me from these discussions/debates???? You’re not doing your job!

    AND – you’ll be gone for the weekend… Andrew and I will just have to continue without you! The the cat’s away, the mice will play!!!!!!

    And – of course, Andrew! you made an impression on us! And – if you think that we have the power to name our grandson…. you think of us more highly than you ought to … 🙂 we’re just lowly grandparents.

    Oh – Andrew – check out Ruth VanReken’s website and fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of her home page! I’d love to hear the answers, too.

    AND a little birdie told me you were sick… hope you’re feeling better soon!

  7. Well I say if it makes a guy feel good then they can “get lost” anytime!!

    But honestly if I don’t have a deadline I kinda like the adventure of being lost and letting the guy figure it out. Maybe I’m not a normal girl!

  8. for the record…

    My hubby of 26 years does ask for directions – when necessary – which is when we have to be somewhere at a certain time….

    Other than that – he, personally, doesn’t like aimless adventures… he likes to have a goal and reach it as soon as possible. i.e. – shortest distance between point A and B is a straight line. He is also not a high risk taker.

    I, the wife of 26 years, look down a road we always pass by and ask, “I wonder where that goes? Who lives down this road?” I, often, desire to stop at all sorts of stops to see the sites. (To my hubby – stopping for anything besides food and gas – preferably all at the same time- is not in keeping with the “shortest distance” idea)

    Now – on the flip side – he’s very adventurous food-wise. At a buffet, he tries all sorts of new foods – I on the other hand, find one thing I like at a buffet and that’s all I get every time I go in.

    I chalk all this up to, at times, differences in gender, but mostly, differences in personalities. 🙂 God makes the world interestingly unique! They say differences attract! I’m glad, because I am very attracted to my husband!

  9. Mrs G., I do want to check out Ruth’s site. I actually looked at the survey results this morning from Aug, but haven’t entered the data yet – more pressing priorities are taking my time! But, it’s on the to-do list – thanks for the reminder! I think I’m getting better, but still not sure! (I drove tractor 7 hours yesterday, then was sick again:(

  10. that’s a great idea…. isn’t it a shame that when I can get in trouble…. I can’t think of anything to do…. too much good MK in me!!!! What about you?!!!!

  11. I decided I wanted credit for my comment. And yes it is an ego thing! Someone sitting beside me is shaking her head in agreement!

  12. April – thank you for joining our Lois’s blog without Lois! 🙂 Though – she’ll be back anytime now and our fun will be over…

  13. ah-ha! there you all are… Andrew… have you figured out how to keep this going without Lois being able to delete the comments?

    or hide them so they all show up at once?

    but alas…. Lois is back – I suppose we should give her back her blog… she’ll have to find something else to talk about… BUT – that something else could give us fresh fodder! (insert evil laugh here!) 😛

    Welcome back Lois! Hope you enjoyed your weekend getaway! We really did miss you! We await with baited breath!

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