Highlight of my day?
–Spending a while down at the river — just me & God.  It was good.  It was needed.  A few moments of sanity and calm and quiet in a crazy busy day.

Most enjoyable point of my day?
–Feeding a little baby boy his bottle and rocking him to sleep.

Crazy point of my day?
–Coming back from babysitting to find the girls wrestling in their rooms, dancing at the bathroom sink (“it’s called a rhythmic spasm!  Really!”), asking me if they could lock Lois out ’cause she was late coming back from babysitting, climbing all over me wanting to know the score of the hockey game (Montreal Canadians are winning at this point!), scowling at me ’cause I didn’t know the Boston Red Sox was a baseball team (oops!)…..yup, life goes on…why do I worry about them when I’m gone?!

Homesick point of my day?
–Watching the 10:00 CBC news, just to see Peter Mansbridge.  Yes, I am attached to him.  His voice brings almost-bedtime memories back…curled up on the couch, or in the rocking chair, checking up the world before turning in….  He made me homesick tonight.  I would’ve turned him back off, but I wanted to know what was going on in my world.  Apparently almost half my world didn’t vote yesterday.  Some people say voting should be a law.  Whoa.  How would they enforce that?  ANYWAY….

Busy point of my day?
–Umm…all points, except for the babysitting this evening.  I ran all over the place today, talked to a bunch of people, did all kinds of errands, did my student trainings, organized things…wow…it’s been busy.

And…I still have to do some major homework for tomorrow morning, so I’m going to post this and get down to business!


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