Two things:

1)  Mrs. G, my big brother has written a response to your comment.  Sorry, I didn’t delete the ego comment in time!

2)  Yes, I know there are some spelling/grammer mistakes in my last couple posts…they are driving me up the wall (yes, I am a perfectionist!).  However, I can’t really do anything about them, ’cause WordPress has been acting up for me, and every time I want to edit something, it makes me sign back in, only then it take about 1/2 hour to sign in, and I just plain old don’t have half an hour to wait for a silly computer to load a page!  Sorry.  I offer my sincerest apologies to anyone else it’s bugging!


2 thoughts on “Two things:

  1. You know what is bugging me? The grammar/ spelling mistakes!!!! Your comment made me go back and look for them!!!! I didn’t notice them the second time through either!!! That BUGS me!!! And NO! I refuse to go look a third time!!! I will believe you.

  2. I agree with Mrs. Steele – I didn’t catch them either – and that really bothers me that I didn’t…. yet – (since I’m no longer a homeschool teacher) perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m not LOOKING for mistakes!

    I’m not going through them at all…. too tired! and if Mrs. Steele didn’t find them after 2 times – I doubt I would! 🙂

    btw – I LOVE being able to visit with a bunch of you … basically Steeles & Sieberts – like this! What did we do without internet!?????!!!!!!

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