Mrs. G and Andrew, be good while I’m away from blog world, ya hear?!  Oh man…I feel kind of nervous doing this — going off and leaving you two with my blog, unsupervised…who knows what trouble you’ll make!….maybe I’ll have to give April my password!

Sorry, Mrs. G, I’ll try to remember to add a wink or a cough or something to my next controversial post!  So sorry to have let you down these last couple days 😕

I’d kinda almost agree with you, Miss Anon (did you really mean to be Anon?) — if there’s no deadline, then I won’t freak out over being lost and the guy not asking directions.  We randomly took a different way home from church once.  (however, it was a mutual decision to take the random road that we weren’t sure of and didn’t know where we’d come out)  It was quite enjoyable.  We have nice memories of it.  However, if there are commitments, then I wouldn’t be so relaxed and easy-going.

Now — I’m off to make my bed and take off for class.  Be good while I’m gone.  Remember, Mrs. G, that I’ll be AWAY from my blog, which means I can’t modify or delete anything you say, so be careful!


4 thoughts on “Warning:

  1. Yep!!! I’ve been lost and enjoyed it thoroughly! Even got to where we supposed to be going within an acceptable time of being late. Granted … we were on our way to a place that has a little different idea of what it means to be “acceptably” late 😉

    Miss anon…. whoever you are…. I enjoyed your comment…. but I think it went over some heads…. or they chose to ignore you!!!

    Congratulations to the G’s on the new grandson!!!

    And Andrew what was that about ego?… Could it be related at all to assuming the baby was named after you? Lois, is this where I insert a cough? I would , … but I don’t know how to do it!

  2. I’m glad someone got what I was saying! I must say I was expecting a bit more reaction but I’ll just assume it went over their heads!

  3. Well it seems that the threat of giving me the password for your blog worked wonders! Absolute silence from your two main trouble-makers!

  4. Miss Anonymous…. did you notice that you gave yourself away? Don’t know if anyone else figured it out yet…. They are all too busy on the post “Shouldn’t C be A?”!

    Lois… looking forward to having you back on your blog!!!

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