22 emails?!?! AHHHH!

Signed into MSN early this morning, before breakfast.  “22 emails?!?!!  Oh my word!!!!  What is going on?!?!!” Signed into my email account after breakfast.  Laughed nervously when I saw the majority of them were from my blog.  “Uh oh….Mrs. G and Andrew were up to no good!” Signed into my blog.  Stats had skyrocketed up to 71!  YIKES!!!!  And I began to wade through the comments……

Mrs. G, so kind of you to play hostess and welcome April to the discussion on my blog (if you could see me, I’d be ticking my tongue out and laughing as I write that!)
Sorry, Andrew, I doubt you could use up all my bandwidth…whatever that is…???….  However (on to subjects I know slightly more about) you can leave so many comment emails in my inbox that I nearly have a heart attack and fall over in shock when I sign into MSN in the morning.

Interruption to rant:  I am opening the take-home exams the students have turned in to Mr. Brain today.  They are supposed to pull the staples out, write the exam, put it back in the exam cover, re-staple it shut, and hand it in.  Then I get the lovely job of pulling all the staples out and opening them for Mr. Brain.  (I really don’t mind the job, ’cause I usually go find myself a phone and make some calls to keep my brain busy while my hands work)  But I do NOT understand how the “staple the exam shut again” part is so difficult for people!  It says “staple” not “tape,” “staple & tape,” “staple with 8 staples,” “paper clip,” or “glue”!!!!!  And yes, I’ve had all of the above except the glue option.  Oh, and then there are the ones that aren’t sealed at all.  Honestly!!!  What is so difficult about this!?!!

OK.  My rant is finished.  Back to work, and I will blog more later, hopefully.


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