The jam on the bread

The jam on the bread.  Our Ladies’ Ministry teacher has been encouraging us to look for God’s lovingkindness each day.  To look for the “jam on the bread” so to speak.  As I thought back over the last few days, I found a whole lot of jam!

**I was getting quite homesick last week, over Thanksgiving.  As I was sitting in church, it struck me that our family of 5 was spread across 3 provinces, attending 4 different churches that day.  I was on an island on one end of Canada, and my little brother was on an island on the opposite end of Canada.  And I missed him.  And wished I could phone him, but because of time difference and a lack of phones on his end (thank God for the phones at my school!) I figured I’d leave it and try in a week or so.  Well, I got back to school Tuesday night.  I hadn’t even been back an hour when the phone rang.  My little brother.  COOL!

**I came back to my room this morning and found a little note written on my whiteboard: “I love U, Lois!”  It was from one of the girls on my floor who I haven’t been able to connect with very well and seems quite distant, so getting a note like that totally made my morning!

**This qualifies as a good week.  In two days, I’ve gotten two letters!  They were each definitely jam on the bread, though the result of both was me sitting on the edge of my bed in tears.

*One letter had me speechless, completely amazed at this God of mine who knows exactly what He’s doing even when I cannot, for the life of me, see anything through the thick darkness of the storms in life.  Yet when He brings me through the storm, and I can look back and see things with His perspective — wow!  The hard fought-for peace during the storm is my lifeline … the peace and stillness after the storm — well, they’re like when painkillers FINALLY kick in, and can only be described as blessed relief!  Sometimes all I can do is marvel at how He blesses me with so much that I don’t deserve.  I was awed by Him.  Awed by what He has granted me.  Speechless and in tears because there were no words to describe what was going on in my heart.  Overwhelmed by thankfulness and unworthiness and total happiness.  Ahhh…I love life 😀

*The second letter had me crying again — this time tears of relief.  A friendship that turned strained and awkward is returning back to normal, I believe.  Whatever “normal” is, as we both change and grow along this journey of life!  There is a hand of grace and mercy and love reaching out from the other side again, and I am so thankful.  I am looking forward to a renewed heart connection.

Life is good.

Well, except for when there’s peanut butter on the bread.  Yuck!  (I offer my sincerest apologies to those of you who like peanut butter…I will add you to the list of coffee-drinkers who I pray for!)  The peanut butter today was the computer.

There are some days when I could quite happily take a sledgehammer to the one I use to type the bulletins each week, and not be the least bit sorry about it either!!!  It’s ancient as the hills (or even more ancient than that) and I do not understand the DOS program.  The basic format of what I need to so is in there already, so I just re-type the bulletin each week, basically.  But if I accidentally delete something, or Mr. Brain switches up the format for “variety” (in quotation marks because it equals a nightmare for me!) then I spend forever running up and down the hall to the main office to get help from Miss Secretary.  She knows the program inside out and backwards and sideways.  I do NOT know the program inside out and backwards and sideways!  I do not know that Adv. Up means that it pushes the whole line up, making the thick black line cover the line of typing.  Shouldn’t it say “underline” or something like that?!?!?  I think I ran up and down the hall 50 times today.  OK, so maybe not quite, but pretty close!  Then the photocopier jammed.  Thankfully, I can usually figure that thing out.  I know random places to press so it all opens up and comes apart and you can find the silly little paper jammed in someplace.

So, yeah.  That was the peanut butter on my bread today.  It’s much easier to handle when I stay focused on the jam.  It helps me to laugh at life’s peanut butter.

So — life is still good.  I love my life.  I love my God.


6 thoughts on “The jam on the bread

  1. I love your life too!!!! Thank you for sharing it!

    And I guess you will have to pray double for me…. I like peanut butter AND coffee!!

  2. thanks for jamming with us! 🙂

    I’d be tempted to transfer the bulletins over to a program on my own laptop!

    Cool quote of the day… “The hard fought-for peace during the storm is my lifeline … the peace and stillness after the storm — well, they’re like when painkillers FINALLY kick in, and can only be described as blessed relief!”

    btw – sounds like you’ve spent some time “listening”…

  3. You should have a different list for peanut butter eaters. ‘Cause I like peanut butter but I don’t want to be grouped with the coffee drinkers!!!! To all you coffee drinkers, don’t take that personally. I like all of you, i just dont’ want to appear to be a coffee drinker!!!

  4. Thank you for the blog today. I realized I was missing out on the jam because I was anticipating the peanut butter to come. I hate goodbyes and I have more than I can count coming up in the next few days 😦 As much as I hate the peanut butter the jam I’ve experienced will help to make it bearable. I am soooooooooo glad you are on the other side of the country cause I’m gonna need a big hug when I get there!

  5. HAHA….you have to work with a DOS program? I think your school needs to join the 21st Century:P, eh? I have to laugh about the printer jamming…I just don’t understand how they can’t make a printer or photocopier or fax machine that doesn’t jam or misfeed. Ours is constantly beeping and claiming to have a misfeed, when there aren’t those little silly papers stuck somewhere. WE’ve discovered one little secret drawer that you open and shut and will fix the machine, even when you don’t have to pull anything out. Oh, the peanut butter:P

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