The jam was cheese whiz today!

One girl was absent for first class this morning. I asked if she had anything she wanted me to write in the “reason for being late/absent” line on the form I have to turn in to Mrs. M, our dean of women. (taking attendance is one of my class secretary jobs) The following was the result!

“I promise I don’t plan these!! [editor’s note: she was late the other day too, and wrote up a big excuse for that day] No, really, I don’t. Um, so Lois asked if I wanted write a reason, and I said I had called you. She said to make up something if I wanted to anyways (I know you need a laugh today!!)

“So…some aliens came and took me away. I got so dizzy during my time spent in the UFO. The dizziness caused a headache and the change of atmosphere gave me a bit of a cold. So if you want to hunt the aliens down so they don’t do this again, feel free. (their names [from what I understood, anyways] are Bob, Fred, and George.) But you DDIN’T hear those enames from me!

“Hope this made you smile today!”

Well, it definitely made ME smile!

The jam on the bread today was actually cheese whiz. Yes, I’m serious! They had cheese whiz at breakfast! Did someone tell them I MISS that when I’m here at school? I went and made toast just so I could have cheese whiz on it. Mmm, yummy! It was a good day 🙂


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