The aliens return!

Another excuse from Gail (the girl who was late on Wed) yesterday.  Well, not actually an excuse, because she wasn’t late or anything, but she wanted to write Part II of her story for Mrs. M….

“The aliens came back, and man, was it hard to get away from them.  I mean, Fred bonked me over the head with a hay bale!  I sure had a big headache!!  But I got away from those three mischeivious monsters of aliens.  One of the alien’s wives was very kind.  Her name was Juju and she went to get me ice.  A little later (it was past their bedtime) they all started to get a little sleepy…  Eventually they were completely out.  Very quietly, I got out of there.  Then I got to fly a UFO for the first time.  I thought I’d wake them all up but I didn’t!  I evenually navigaed to my house.  Then I put the UFO in auto so it took off by itself after I got off.  Phew!  I was back at home.  My cold did get worse but I think I should be ok…UNLESS they decide to disrupt my studies again tonight.  We’ll see!  Oh yeah, Juju made a cake to give to your son for his birthday, but while I was driving it kinda got mucked up.  Sorry!”  ~Gail

Yesterday was INSANELY busy!!  Class, homework, a Mrs. M meeting, canteen, practical, a night class, homework, being with my girls….  Oh well.  Some wise person told me today that it’s the crazy days that make us appreciate the sane ones.  Hmm.  True!

I made a note somewhere of stuff to blog…can’t find it now.  That’s getting way too typical.  My paper-mess is starting to scare me!

Jam on the bread…today it was cheese whiz again!  Yesterday it was calling Nesser’s phone and having my brother answer and be a total nut!  Oh, and there was more jam!  One of the girls came to talk to me last night, and it was really cool to see how God is working in her life.  The changes He’s making, the way her heart is soft and she’s giving in and growing and learning and maturing…it did my heart good!  I love this part of the RA job — listening, laughing, crying with them, and praying with them.


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