A record-breaking shower!

I love Saturdays at school.  They are definitely the highlight of my week!  Sleeping in makes me feel alive again.  An amazing thing happened today.  I showered AND washed my hair AND dried it in just (get ready for this, people) TWENTY minutes.  Now, showering in 5 minutes is no big deal.  But washing my hair AND drying it, all in 20 minutes?  That’s a big deal for me!  I don’t think that has ever happened in my whole entire life before!  So yeah…life is good!

Spent the whole evening in my room working on Romans Bible study outlines for Mr. Brain’s class.  The only reason I could manage to keep myself in my room all evening, working on them, was because Button agreed to bring her book into my room and read on my bed.  I work much better under her supervision!  There are times when I miss having a roommate!  I sleep better with one, I study better with one…

Ended the evening laughing hysterically in the hallway with Lynn.  Like, laughing so hard as in I was rolling on the floor, LAUGHING, but in agony because my stomach hurt so bad from laughing, but I couldn’t stop because what we were laughing at was FUNNY (or maybe I just worked on Romans too long??!) and I couldn’t breathe…   Ahh…good times.  I have accidentally swallowed my gum twice this week, both times in a sudden burst of laughter.  I guess that’s a good sign, eh?!


11 thoughts on “A record-breaking shower!

  1. hey – just happened to look back over older entries – I think I’ve been called one of the 2 main troublemakers!!!!! :-/ btw – Andrew – you, too! or do I just FEEL guilty? 🙂

  2. “2 main troublemakers”? (looking over shoulder) – must be someone else. Couldn’t be me! I mean, honestly now, I’m do I look like a troublemaker?! I think SOMEBODY’S just taking things a bit PERSONALLY!

    Hey Lois, that’s good you’re getting humorous times in. Enjoy them!

  3. Wow! Capital letters huh? I’d say someone is definitly feeling guilty! As for the taking it PERSONALLY what would make you say that? I was only commenting that SOMEONE was behaving themselves! 🙂

    Lois would your fits of laughter have anything to do with a vehicle which happens to be headed East in the near future? Glad you are enjoying yourself. If only your first year R.A. could see you now!

  4. Hey Lois –

    You know what just came to mind?

    Your blog is like our MDP kitchen/living room – a place where people come together to meet, laugh, talk through the harder parts of the days, and, in general, allow our lives to be blended together – or rather – enjoy the fellowship that only comes from being brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Lois, I miss your hugs & listening ear, and seeing Andrew’s grins when he’s playing games and causing trouble (oh – would that make YOU the troublemaker, Andrew!), Miss Iron’s fabulous neck rubs! and Mrs. Steele’s smiles and nods while she tries to stay out of trouble, but I have to say that my recliner is much more comfortable than the MDP furniture. . . hard choice – having you in person, or my recliner holding my person…. hmmm… I know! you guys all come here! 🙂 No problem!!!!!

    Haven’t personally met you yet, April, but if you can hold your own with these guys – I’m sure I’d have much in common with you… 🙂 so come along!

  5. Just checking in!!! And so you know Mrs G….. I don’t just TRY to stay out of trouble…..
    Have you KNOWN me to be in trouble?

    And yes, Lois your blog is a fun community! I am glad to be a part of it!

  6. Yup! I HAVE known Mrs. Steele to be in trouble, Mrs. G! The times are rather rare…but trust me, they have happened! Usually they leave me standing open-mouthed in shock, spluttering, “Hey! That was a Miss Steele comment! Did that come out of YOUR mouth!?”

    (are you still glad to be a part of this community, Mrs. Steele?!)

  7. Well – you know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and you wonder where Miss Steele’s comments come from???? 🙂 I’ve found that what I do in moderation, my children have done in excess…

  8. Hey!!!!
    I feel ganged up on!!!

    You are absolutely right Mrs G. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Miss Steele’s comments must surely come from the FATHER side of the tree!!! Trust me I’ve known him longer than either of you… (and besides… he doesn’t read this blog… so I am safe …. 😉 )

    And yes…. moderation…. that is me all right! RIGHT LOIS? (Maybe you better not answer that!)

    … and yes I am still glad to part of this community. It reminds me to CHOOSE Joy!!! Thank you both (Mrs. G and Lois… for the smile you put into my day!)

  9. EXCUSE me! Since when did I give you guys license to torment me when i’m not around? this does not add up. Miss steele comments are part of my nature and they are most definitely inherited from… get this… MY MOTHER!!!!!! So hopefully this has cleared up some confusion.

    This is so much fun!!!! i love bugging people!!!! I THRIVE on it. i would DIE without it!!!! so bear with me. it just goes to show how much i love you all! cause if i didn’t bug you, i would not be my own true self around you which would mean i din’t consider you a friend. lets summarize it this way, if I bug you, it means you are my friend. THAT is the true origin of Miss Steele comments!

  10. Ah, Miss Steele… good to hear from your “peanut gallery.” (If you don’t know what that means, then it’s more proof that I’m getting older!)

    We need to talk about you MORE! 🙂

    And may I say to you all… you make me LOL AND smile when I’m reading this blog… I think it just makes me miss you all more!

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