Blog?! Oh, right!

Blog?  Rrrriiight, I have a blog! Some days (especially the ones I’m running around all day, up late, and finally climb into my bed feeling like my head is going to fall off) I kinda forget I have a blog.   Then the next morning in class I remember all the trouble that SOME troublemakers can make on it, and I get nervous and start writing a blog post in my head.  But by the time class finishes, life starts going at a crazy pace again.

The last couple days have been quite nice, actually.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done, which makes me feel very satisfied inside!

Jam on the bread…
–Gail curled my hair on Sunday.  And the curl actually lasted longer than 45 minutes!  I told her she’s officially hired for Spring Banquet!
–Enjoying a leirsurely call tonight, with Nesser, and my dad, and my mom, and one sentence with April.  Sitting there, on the phone, contentedly picking away at a pomogranet Licia gave me.  Yummy 🙂
–Talking with Lynne.  I am SO glad she’s an RA with me!  We balance each other.  She is a huge example to me.  I am so thankful for her!

Tomorrow we’re off to the States for a field trip.  (Hey, Mrs. G, I’ll be in your country — come visit me!!)


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