October 28, 2008

The definition of a true friend: Someone who will hold your braid up for you!
I had a headache pretty much all morning.  And I had a French braid.  Usually, a braid doesn’t bother me, but today it did.  I could feel the pressure when I had it pulled over one should.  I could feel the pressure switch to the other side when I flipped it over the other side.  When I had it hanging down my back normally, I couldn’t lean against the wall or sit back in my chair.  So Melody held it up in the air for me.  I felt instant relief.  WEIRD!!!  But it felt good … though I imagine we looked quite strange!

The power was out for a couple hours today.  A scheduled outage.  I called April before it went out, and told her the phone might quit halfway through our call, when the power was due to go out.  It didn’t.  That made me very happy!  I love it that the phones still work when the power’s out!  (I wonder if I should go for counseling about this phone addiction?!)  Dee came over to visit later so we sat on the floor in the entrance to the bathroom (where there was an emergency light) and visited!

Our field trip to the States was really good.  Enjoyed it, except for getting back to the school feeling thoroughly carsick.  Drove past a lot of places I went to my freshman year with Uncle G & Aunty E, and it brought back a flood of memories.


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