God teaches with a cherry tomato

The jam on the bread yesterday was actually a cherry tomato.  Button came into my room last night (after I brushed my teeth) and had a shopping bag.  “Would you like a cherry tomato, or an apple?  A lady we were visiting gave them to us.”  With great delight, I chose a tomato.  But alas!  I had brushed my teeth already!  One cannot savor the delicious juiciness of a tomato while the aftertaste of mint toothpaste still lingers in the  mouth.  So I set it on my shelf, and looked forward to enjoying it this morning, which I did.

How could a tomato be so special, you may wonder?  When she brought that bag into my room, it was as if God said, “Hehe — look, Lois.  You might be missing home, and missing the fact that you are very far from home and missing out on the garden produce, like tomatoes [a family special, as many of you well know!].  But look — I can give you what you are craving, right here!  I care about you, and can look after even the smallest things in  your life.”  It was a small thing.  But it was a big thing.  It was God stooping down to teach me a lesson and gently laugh at my unbelief and lack of trust at times.


One thought on “God teaches with a cherry tomato

  1. God is SO awesome in that way! He cares about the details! He seeks to give to His children what delights them! Why is it sometimes so hard to believe that?

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