The Travel Agent at work again

Today was absolutely ridiculous.  Spent a large chunk of it on the phone and on my computer, attempting to book Sanderly a flight home for Christmas.  She was looking at $1600.  Yeah.  NOT pretty.  We found something for under $800.  So two hours this afternoon (maybe more like 2-3) were a mad scramble of phone calls, panic, more east-west phone calls, checking flights, re-checking flights, and GETTING THE OK!!!!  The dates were right, the price was right, we were ready to book!  I screamed and tore down the hall to my computer to start the booking process.

Problem:  My credit card wasn’t working.  Mad dash to the phone to call big brother.  Problem.  He couldn’t remember his password.  Frantic phone call to Mrs. Bunnett.  “I need your credit card number after all!!!”  Problem.  It had expired.  She went to work activating another card.  I tried with my other credit card in the meantime.  Problem.  I needed to set it up with a password, and didn’t have the necessary info for it.  Mrs. Bunnett called back with hers.  Went through the booking process again (3rd time).  Problem.  Unknown problem, actually.  So I place a frantic call to HQ, where Mom & Dad are in meetings — “I need to talk to my dad!”  They got him.  “Dad!  I need your credit card number!”  I promise, that’s NOT how I typically begin phone calls to my parents!!!

To make a long story short, we switched dates around, found days that work better, still found a good flight for the day that was going to be sky-high expensive, and we need more information before we can book the return flight.  The result is that Sanderly will get to be home in plenty of time for Christmas and all the Christmas prep, and for a decent price.  I am happy.  My day has been made.  Maybe I SHOULD be a travel agent, ’cause this feeling of sucess is VERY rewarding!

Talking to Sanderly on the phone after supper.  Phone UPSTAIRS rang — for me.  “Sanderly, I gotta go!  The phone upstairs is for me!  It might be your mom!” (this had already happened several times today).  RAN upstairs.  Nesser.  Yay!  They’re gonna be here soon!!!!  It was good to talk to him, though.  I could feel myself slowly deflating and starting to breath and relax again after the INTENSE flight business.

See, it’s actually really stressful, because hey, we’re college kids here, and money doesn’t grown on trees!  And when you’re looking at a flight that costs so much you won’t be able to go home for Christmas (I’m speaking from Sanderly’s point of view here, with the $1600 flight), but then you find one that would mean you CAN, your options are book it, and book it NOW before it’s gone! (I speak from experience.  We missed a $147, round trip, INCLUDING taxes, east-west flight once) So when the credit cards weren’t working, etc. etc. etc, I could feel myself getting more and more and more tense.  Melody brought me a piece of chocolate.  ANGEL!

Got off the phone tonight, and was heading down the hall to my room.  All was quiet in the dorm.  Suddenly saw someone standing in the entryway!  I gasped!  Then GASPED again!  “CELIA!!!!!!”  Ahhh…Mrs. M’s second-in-command from last year came back for a visit with her husband.  So good to see her and laugh with her.

So, my day was officially made 3 times — the flight, Nesser, and Celia.  Now, I’m going to go study my Theology for my exam on Thursday.

Mrs. G, thanks for praying.  The flight I was trying to book when I asked  you to pray was actually not the best flight to get, all things considered.  So we booked a one way, but not the return.  God knows what He’s doing — wow, He DOES!  If my credit card had worked (I called the company tonight and found out I had just entered the expiry date wrong), I would’ve booked the flight right off the bat.  It still would have been a good flight, $-wise, but we found other dates that work much better and will be less stressful for Sanderly.  Wow.  God is cool!  He can make my fingers slip up when I’m checking and double-checking to make sure I put the right information in!  COOL!  OK, my day was made 4 times now!


2 thoughts on “The Travel Agent at work again

  1. You are welcome! It can be incredibly awesome to lay it all in God’s hands and watch what He does!

    “If we win, we will praise You!
    If we lose, we will praise You!”

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