Gummys on the ceiling are good exam-time fun

So I’m studying away tonight, trying to wrap my brain around Christological concepts such as eternality, eternal generation, the virgin birth, impeccibility, etc, when I hear NOISE from somewhere in our dorm.  Uproarious laughter.  Shrieks.  Giggles.  Higher shrieks!  I finally couldn’t stand it anymore (I need SILENCE to study big stuff) so went out to investigate.  I had my suspicions as to who it was.  It wasn’t!  It was a SENIOR from last year who is visiting.  She was in a room with two other girls, and they were doing the “throw a gummy worm at the ceiling and watch it stick” thing.  I burst out laughing.  This senior’s ceiling was covered in gummy bears last year.  All I could do was LAUGH.  Some things never change, apparently!  A gummy worm fell off the ceiling and landed on the floor.  They grabbed it and threw it back up.  It stuck.  Along with a clump of hair from the floor.  I LAUGHED again.  Maybe it’s not funny.  Maybe it’s just my over-tired brain.  I don’t know.

On to serious subjects.  The virgin birth.  People say it’s ridiculous and not possible for God to make His Son in the womb of a virgin.  But hey, God made the first man, Adam, without a man OR a woman! Who’s to say He couldn’t do it again, this time with a little “help” from a woman?!  COOL!  (that was just to prove that yes, I AM learning something!)


2 thoughts on “Gummys on the ceiling are good exam-time fun

  1. it’s probably a good thing that gummy worms did not exist (or at least not to my knowledge) 27 years ago when I was a Bible college senior!

    Though I do remember eating a LOT of cherry cough drops in an effort to stay awake to cram the night before an exam – but – that was my freshman year – I must have learned for the following years. 🙂

    Good point – God does a LOT of things that are impossible for anyone else! Just taught about Joshua and the Jordan River and Jericho tonight… more impossible stuff. Saw a documentary once trying to explain the scientific reason the “miracle” took place… kind of like the disciples (and others) in the book of John. Jesus would talk about spiritual things (bread, water, born again, etc) and the people would always thing physical… why is it that we have to try to fit God-things into our boxes of experience? He doesn’t fit!

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