April Reporting

Just thought ya’ll might want to know how Lois is doing. One thing is obvious – SHE won’t be blogging anytime soon!! You should have seen her run across the livingroom of the Kent’s house when Nesser knocked on the door! Had the police been near by with a radar gun I’m sure she would have acquired a speeding ticket or two! Oh, I WAS given permission to write a blog for her but she forgot to get it in writing that she had to proof it first! Well, internet is going down soon – I’ll be back tomorrow!!!


3 thoughts on “April Reporting

  1. Lois – just ignore this… it’s for April anyway!

    I knew it! Hi April! I DO know that she was eagerly anticipating your arrival, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad Mr. G wasn’t there to block her way to the door, as he did at MDP between her and the phone. . . it was hilarious to watch… of course, I wasn’t the one between her and the phone. . .

  2. Well this may have cost me dearly. I got told last night that I was as bad as Andrew & Mrs. G! Still trying to figure out if it is a complement or an insult! But I’m starting to think it was a complement. So if the two troublemakers are willing to add another member… then I am definitely in!

  3. COOL! WE’LL TAKE YOU!!!!! It was definitely a compliment! but that my be from my limited perspective. We’re the 3…. what? Musketeers sounds way too noble…. hmmm… have to think about that…. certainly NOT troublemakers ๐Ÿ™‚

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