Twitterpatted! – by April

Okay we’re all set. This is so much fun! Someone was not exactly thinking straight and she gave me her blog password! So let’s get started! New Brunswick weather is well… rainy and kinda cold for three days straight. Kinda normal for NB. Oh, you don’t want a weather report. Sorry! I almost forgot why I was here! Oh wait, I knew I was going somewhere with that. I was going to post a quote I heard very recently. “Cloud Nine !? I left that in the dust along time ago!”

We sat with Mr. Brain today at lunch. He seemed quite pleased. I’ve never seen him smile so much. He did make it quite clear though that he won’tย  perform elopements! He said until now he has never been asked such a thing!

Though is is happy he did make it clear that he regrets the fact he will be losing his secretary. I did ask him to make sure she was still level headed and performing her secretary duties well – just incase anyone was wondering – Mr. Brain was quite quick to affirm that she was indeed a very level-headed secretary. For some reason I still have my doubts… Oh, and for the concerned party I also made sure that Lois knew she still needed to study. She informed me that she studied before Nesser and I came.

Just a suggestion for anyone who finds themselves to be falling in love… Always look in a full-length mirror, do a spin and do a mental checklist before leaving your room. Nothing drastic so far…

Rose would definitely agree with me that someone is definitely twitterpatted… actually more like twittttterpattttedededed!

As for Nesser… well my declaration of my brother is this – his computer has crashed and his cellphone is on roam. (computer & cellphone meaning brain)

Honestly, it has been quite fun observing all this. Though there are lots of times I stand up and declare, “I THINK I need to get a glass of water! Funny they are quite willing to let me go!”

Anyway church is starting soon and though I’d love to stay and chat, I better go.


9 thoughts on “Twitterpatted! – by April

  1. Well, Mrs. G I am afraid I am going to miss our online meeting. Maybe the other troublemaker will show up and help you carry out the plan!

  2. I had so much threatening Lois with what I was going to put on her blog. That was almost more fun than blogging itself. So come one and all and fill this blog and give Lois the scare of her life! She is going to need lots of laughs in the next few days I am sure!

    Ask her if missing the wall is better than hitting a wall!

  3. Mrs. G, just wondering if I should eventually post our MSN conversation on this blog? I mentioned it to Lois and I was severely threatened. But I may have the nerve once I leave!
    Then again maybe I’ll wait until our plan has another chance to work…

  4. There, I think I have done my part. And Mrs. G, I still have keys (insert evil laugh). I am so going to miss not have internet access this week. Please have lots of fun without me. I promise I will not be too jealous!

  5. April! AHHHH! sorry I missed our meeting!!!!!!!

    Youth group ended up going quite late, and then I had to call the family belonging to the cat that died in our bathroom this a.m….

  6. Sounds like I’ve been missing out on all the fun since this morning. Rats. Sorry. I hereby, sincerely bestow upon your person(s) my deepest, regrets in reality for the sufferings my absence may have caused you personalities. Amen.

  7. Well – Lois,

    are you too scared to come back on???? ๐Ÿ™‚ We really do love you, and just want you to know that we have missed you! At least some of us who can’t be there in person…

    Also – the Steels were away for the weekend and REALLY missed all the fun! You wouldn’t want us to be bored… we live vicariously through you! – ok – maybe not… I’m pretty happy and busy with a hubby, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, ministry, a dead cat, and 2 cats of our own that are now sick and going to the vet tomorrow… To start back all over again to get to this point would, indeed, be torture!

    So – hopefully – welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚

    go ahead, scold us – we’ll only laugh…

    so – do you guys think I’ll get a LOL or a ARRGGGG!?

  8. Well we missed the fun on the blog…. We had a very good time at a youth retreat instead….

    I would have enjoyed creating a little excitement for Lois…. LIKE SHE NEEDED anymore excitement.

    ELOPEMENT???? Is that a word?

    And I am not sure if I approve of eloping….. not that I have any say in the matter…. but if there is really a joining of two lives , I would love the privilege to be present at the celebration!

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