WOW….WHAT have I done?!?!

WOW….that’s the last time I give anyone else my blog password!!! 😯 Yes, I’m almost scared to come back!

Where do I begin to fix this mess?!?!?!

Well…I guess I have to admit that yes, the police would’ve most definitely given me a speeding ticket if there had been a radar gun anywhere near me when I heard a knock on the door when I was babysitting! I’m glad Nesser can still breathe and I didn’t crack any of his ribs…

Troublemakers…that’s not a compliment or an insult. I think it’s supposed to be threatening, but since all 3 of you know I’d never follow up on any of my threats (unless I was trying to prove something to Mr. G), it’s become a term of endearment!

I think I’m probably going to work harder now that Nesser’s on this side of the country. ‘Cause I’d hate for him to come up for a weekend and me have to do work ’cause I’d slacked off. (so, no worries, Mom, I’ll work for sure now!)

For those of you who may be worrying — don’t worry, I promise I won’t elope.  But it’s real fun to tease about it 😀  And at least requesting Mr. Brain’s help got a smile from him! (he’s known for his equanimity — haha, I used one of my spelling words!!!! — that is, his composure, or evenness of temper)

The rest of April’s posts I shall refrain from replying to. I don’t dare, for fear I’ll incriminate myself further. And because I can’t really exactly argue anything said, really…. 😳 (she had a good idea with that spin in front of the mirror before you leave the room, though — seriously!!!)

As for whether to scold or laugh or growl…I’m going to pick D) none of the above. I’m going to go to bed early and catch up on some sleep (“some”?!?!?! More like “a LOT”!!!) I lost this past weekend. Because though I spent a lot of time with a certain guy, I stayed up talking to his sister till REAL late and thoroughly enjoyed THAT part of the weekend too, lest you people are getting the idea that I’m COMPLETELY absorbed and hereby useless to society!

I WILL say, however, that I had an absolutely beautiful weekend and loved every minute of it. 😀


7 thoughts on “WOW….WHAT have I done?!?!

  1. welcome back! Lois – we’ve kept your blog safe for you 🙂

    what mess?

    and – our numbers are growing to “3” ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    with a possibility of 4 or 5 – if they’ll be home when the excitement happens!

    and –

    we like the term of endearment… though I’m sure we could come up with another name.

  2. “Safe” my foot!!!!

    #4 & 5 are obviously being a good MK and MK mother and not getting involved with the troublemakers — good for them!!

  3. ha ha ha ha hee hee hee ha ha ha … that IS funny ha ha ha ha ha hee hee… a good mk.. ha ha ha .. and good mk mother hee hee … oh stop .. ha ha ha ha.. I can’t take it.

    That is hilarious!! We really do put up a good front huh? Ha ha ha ha ha … “Obviously!!! ” Thank you for sticking up for us Lois… ha ha ha… that is just too funny…. Sorry to have deceived you into thinking we were angels.

    We just weren’t home… sigh… we missed out!

  4. Oh it’s not to late for the Steele’s to be involved! I hear a certain someone needs help with his resume. Apparently he forgot that he has six sisters who would have been quite willing to lend him a hand! And he better come back with one too! Resume my foot! Even I could have come up with a better excuse than that! I’ll leave it to ya’ll to make sure Lois gets teased about this one!!!

  5. April, you hold your tongue!

    Now…if you’ll excuse me, I have much to accomplish before this afternoon. 4:00 this afternoon, to be precise. I may be quite busy later on — teaching resume lessons, you see — and may not get time to blog. 😉

  6. yeah, yeah, yeah….

    resume lessons? (insert smirk here)

    hey -just between me and you (and whoever else is reading this) – what you don’t realize is… what seems perfectly sensible to you two, is in reality – being twitterpatted… and everyone else sees through it all – except you two….

    btw – say hi to your “student” for us!

    how long does he get to stay before it becomes obvious that he already had the resume done BEFORE so he’d have time to spend with you?

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