Proving a point

Whoa, I see I’m a little late on my posts!  Well, the internet’s been either off or acting up all week, so that has made posting difficult.  And I WAS busy for a good part of yesterday.  Yes, a resume takes a lot of time.  Especially when it’s so easy to get distracted by the job applicant.  😉   All right, so, enough of that before April quotes Dee’s line at me — “Make me barf!!” I wish you could hear her tone of voice!

However, I would like to inform you all that contrary to what April expected (her skeptical comment on Monday’s post made me determined to prove a point!), a certain guy DID go home last night with 10 copies of a COMPLETED resume.  AND Mrs. M told me this afternoon that I am NOT twitterpaited.  So HA, take THAT!!!!  (I’ll have to make sure that she’s not around when I’m with a certain guy, lest she change her opinion!)

Anyway…on to other things.
The jam on the bread….
–Homemade fries that my parents sent me!!!  3 bags of ’em.  Ahhh….heaven on earth!  Well, almost!
–Sunshine today.  An entire sky of blue, with little clouds here and there, and bright, glorious sunshine.  My soul came alive today!
–A book and paper that were due in a week being postponed 3 days
–Oatmeal porridge at breakfast today.
–A visit yesterday.  Yes, from a guy.  It made me very happy, to say the least 🙂


2 thoughts on “Proving a point

  1. When you are flying that high, there is never anything OTHER than blue sky and sunshine!! 😉

    So glad that you are enjoying life.

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