Random and Brainless

My brain is exhausted, as is everything else about me.  So I’m going to do a random crazy brainless thing again…my apologies if you don’t like ’em…

Say exactly whats on your mind, dont change it!

…oh, this could be fun!

1. You & your ex – He’s non-existent because I never had one, and don’t really care to either.
2. I am listening to – My George Davidson piano CD and the typical noise — strangely not very much of it right now! — of a girl’s dorm
3. Maybe I should – read my theology textbook.  But then I’d fall asleep 😛
4. I don’t understand – how Mr. Brain expects us to start all our work for his class right away…we DO have other classes, and tons of other homework too!
5. I have lost my respect for – some people around who live double lives

1. Is your hair wet? Nope.
2. Is your cell phone right by you? I have a cell phone?!  Sweeeet!  I don’t remember getting it, but man, the girls on my floor are gonna be so glad I’m not on the lounge phone all the time now!!!
3. Do you miss someone? Is that a stupid question?!  Yes.
4. Are you wearing chap stick? Yup.  As always.
5. Are you tired?  Completely, in every way
6. Are you wearing pajamas? Nope.  It ain’t night, and I’m not sick.

1. Recently done anything you regret? I volunteered to waitress for head table during these Conference days.  Don’t know WHAT I was thinking!
2. Ever lied? Am I human!?  Yup
3. Ever kicked someone? Probably one of my brothers, under the kitchen table!
4. Ever tripped over your own feet?  Waaay too many times!

Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now?
A: Uh huh.

Q: May I ask who?
A: Take a guess.  If you can’t guess, go read April’s posts from last weekend.  Then try guessing again!  If you still can’t guess, well, you have a problem!

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: Two brothers

Q: Do you want children?
A: Oh, definitely!

Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
A: Nope.  There’s a better way.  My mom taught me to tie them just right so you can slip them on and off without doing the tying work each time.

Q: Do you like your handwriting?
A: I suppose…never really thought about it.

Q: What color shirt are you wearing right now?
A: Pink.

Q: What were you doing at 7pm yesterday?
A: Sitting in a meeting.  Probably singing, at that exact point in the meeting, if you’d care to know about that too.

Q: You can’t wait till?
A: American Thanksgiving, when I’m going to see my Bunnetts, and Christmas, when I get to go HOME!!!!

Q: What would you rather be called?
A: Depends who it is talking to me.  My name, usually.

Q: When did you cry last?
A: Yesterday, when I was talking to Kay Bunnett on the phone

Q. Are you the one of those kids who cut their hair by themselves when they were younger?
A: No, but I enjoyed cutting the tablecloth.  Thought it was prettier when it had a fringe on it.  Mom didn’t seem to share my tastes, though.  Strange….

Q. What do you think when you see someone trip and then try and play it off?
A. I evaluate how well they were able to laugh it off.  Some people are really good at it.  I’m not!

Q. Are you the kind of person who wears GIANT hoop earings?
A: No.  Pierced ears are needed to wear earrings, and mine aren’t pierced, so that’s a problem.

Q. Would you rather work a boring job, or a fast pace exhausting one?
A. I’d go with the fast pace one, ’cause it would make time go by quicker.

1. Do you like someone? Yes I most certainly do. 🙂
3. Do you believe in love at first sight? Mmm, not sure.  I’d tend to say it was like, not love, at first sight, since love is a much deeper thing than we tend to think of it as.  But, God has a different story for each person, and who am I to say what they felt?
4. Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?   Yes.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

1. Name? Lois.  If you don’t know that already, it’s REAL strange that you’re reading my blog!
2. What is your career plan for the future? To be a wife and a mother
3. What’s your main goal right now? To survive the next 11 days and turn in all my work on time.
4. Do you want to have children? Yep.  And you asked me that already.

1. Last movie watched in cinema? I have yet to watch my FIRST movie ina cinema!  Unless you count the IMAX…
2. Song you listened to? “My Heart Will Go On” — piano by George Davidson
3. Person you last talked on the phone with? My daddy 🙂
1. What are you doing tonight? Reading my theology book and talking on the phone.
2. What are you going to eat tonight? Umm…whatever they serve us??
3. Where are you going to be at 2:00am? Sleeping.  Possibly dreaming.


14 thoughts on “Random and Brainless

  1. I am thinking that since this is the first time for me to comment from this e-mail address that I will be awarded a new color thingy…. don’t use the e-mail address… I never check it!

    Liked the quiz….. and will you be reading the theology book and talking on the phone at the same time? Theology may make more sense if you do not try to multi-task with that being one of the tasks!

  2. wow – your blog gets mighty boring when I’m not involved on your blog – or the other troublemakers!… maybe you prefer it this way! 🙂 … much quieter! – not that learning more about you is boring – though I knew some of all that already… Or maybe it’s not me (or the others) – but the fact that a certain someone is there?

  3. Don’t worry, Mrs. Steele, I won’t try reading theology and talking on the phone at the same time! Wow, the things you do to get a new color thingy!

    And Mrs. G, why is it you always blame everything on that certain someone!? Depressed? He must’ve left. Quiet blog? He must be there. Exciting April posts? He’s there. Boring blog? He must be there. She’s not online? He must be there! Hmmm…maybe this means I have a scapegoat…which could actually be quite convenient!

  4. Yes…. the color thingy was bugging me!!! I think I figured it out though…. we will see when I submit this comment… if it works, I think you will like what I picked….on another friend’s blog I was a black box…. didn’t like that at all…. not sure if I fixed it or not….

    So a scapegoat huh? Wonder how the certain someone feels about that role?

  5. Didn’t work…. I am still a black box!
    Oh the depth of me!!!!
    I better go make supper…. I will remain … for now…. a black box!

  6. I thought the different accounts Mrs. Steele (and her other user names) were there just to keep me guessing at who’s out there. . . keeping me confused – though – that’s not all that hard to do…

    and Lois – just remember – you’re the one who said “scapegoat” – not me…. however – you never said I was wrong 🙂 – so – point made!

    I, personally, like my gold color box thingy…..

  7. ooooohhh! i just GOTTA test MY color thingy! never really paid attention to it before, but it sounds like its REAL important!
    i like your gold one, Mrs. G. its too bad Lois’s halo isn’t the same color. but i guess that’s not physically possible considering the circumstances. and i better quit before i get myself banned from this blog!!!!

  8. Huh. I NEVER thought about the “color thingy”. Just goes to show that guys have more important things to think about, such as the fate of the universalistic tendencies of the humanoid species. (don’t ask me to repeat or explain what I just said)

    IIIIIII didn’t think this blog was boring. Quite the contrary, I like how she spiced up an otherwise ordinary survey and made it interesting to read. Wow – the things I learn on the internet about my sister…

  9. Better things to think about hey Andrew?
    I am not sure how I should take that actually….. Hmmm….
    Who said the blog was boring? I never read that anywhere.
    I have never yet found this blog … or the comments section boring….. rather interesting any time I checked it out….
    I liked the survey too!
    I would be interested to hear/read your thoughts on “the fate of the universalistic tendencies of the humanoid species”. Looking forward to that!

    And hey!!! I am no longer a black box!!!! And all the previous black boxes changed too! Yes, I am sure I have better things to think about …..but at first I was a rusty iron color and I didn’t like that…. tried to change it…. wound up with my face…. didn’t like that either! But then!!!! I got that black box and wished I had been like all of you and never noticed the thing!!!!

    But actually….. it was April’s fault that I ever noticed it. I was too curious for my own good when the comment was left by “anonymous”. Then I figured her out by her color thingy…. that is when I noticed mine and everyone else’s.

    Anyway… this is an awfully long comment… and I should probably go think about “other more important things”! 🙂

    You all have a great night!

  10. see – when I join the blog again, and add a few comments – we’re all back to normal 🙂

    yeah – and who said that your blog got boring????? 🙂 (add halo)

    and Andrew – just love your purple thingy! So …. cute!!!!!

    and Mrs. Steele – or “me” – or whoever you are this week – you’re still a black box to us…

    Ernie says that we all need a life…. (he’s only read 1/2 of the comments on this particular blog entry!)

    re: the fate of the universalistic (it’s not even a word!) tendencies of the humanoid species. . . well… Lois should be saying… “Mrs. G – don’t even go there!”

  11. Hey universalistic rhymes with supercalafrajalistic! i really have too much time on my hands! not really but anyway…
    Andrew, maybe the universalistic tendencies of the humanoid species ARE to worry about color thingys! now that is food for thought

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