Now, in response to comments:
**Mrs. Steele, Congratulations on changing your picture!  I like it!  But it makes me homesick for the Steeles….  No, don’t worry, I don’t ever try reading theology while on the phone…I really wouldn’t have a very meaningful conversation, and nothing from my book would stick either!
**Miss Steele, I think it’s time for you to stop commenting on the color of my halo.  I think you’re just jealous that your isn’t as shiny as mine!
**Mrs. G — you HAVE a halo to put on???  I thought you lost it somewhere in the midst of all those Dutch Blitz games this summer…
**”universalistic tendencies of the humanoid species”…ummm…it’s late…I’m not even gonna go there.  I’d probably just get myself in trouble!
**Mom, I’m glad I didn’t ruin your ear!
**Miss Steele, have you ever read “Practicing the Presence of God”?  I really liked it.  Definitely a God-book that brought peace during a time of turmoil.  Aww, you’re gone this weekend?  How about if I call you on Monday afternoon — early afternoon your time?

All right — goodnight, peoples!  I’m off to bed!  Be good while I’m gone….at least this time April won’t have internet access and won’t be able to misbehave…I think….. 😯


18 thoughts on “Response…

  1. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t have fun. STEELE’S, MRS G, ANYONE, ANYBODY – what can we do this weekend?

    Er, actually, I’m leaving Saturday morning. It’ll be up to you guys!!

  2. Okay, anyway Lois is coming to my house and I won’t have to do anything cause I have three sisters who will. She might rather be back in Blipville! I am chaperoning tonight. “Oh joy!” I am being paid in chips to sit in the back and stare out the window!

  3. Mrs G, I can’t say that I love my purple thingy, and I can’t say that I hate it. I only looked at it when you commented. Who cares?!

    (Mrs Steele, how did you change yours? Purple just doesn’t seem to fit…)

    April – chips meaning potato chips, or chips meaning poker chips?? What DO you people out East do anyway?!!!

  4. Hey Andrew! To change your purple thingy 🙂 ….

    Go to
    Type in your e-mail address and password. Then you can upload any picture you want. They will get you to crop it to their chosen size once it is uploaded… so you don’t have to worry about that. The one I uploaded was our whole family but I just cropped out a little piece. But… be aware! You will not be able to get your purple color thingy back once you ditch it!!!

  5. April – Miss Steele has a blog on the same site – or whatever it is…. maybe she knows how….

    anyway – we can make enough trouble without it…

    my advice….? (tho’ not asked for…) – take the chips, but don’t stare out the window… take your camera along – it should do the chaperoning for you! and then we all can enjoy the ride! 🙂

  6. Andrew… purple… are you sure it doesn’t fit..??? and beware… Mrs. Steele’s little thingy is all black where we live….

    unless that was a picture of her family in the dark…. 🙂

  7. halo? I’m sure I’ve got it around here someplace… it’s been awhile since I’ve used used it… I mean … needed it….

  8. So sad you can’t see the pic Mrs. G…. no it was not taken in the dark! Funny!

    Miss Steele is away for the weekend so she can’t help with the post. So sorry! Have to make trouble some other way! Now … April if you could get the password to me somehow! That would be alot of fun! I might be able to figure it out ;)! Hey Lois? What do you think…. would you trust ME with your password?

  9. Hey! I didn’t give ANYONE license to talk about me when i’m gone! but i guess it’s okay cause i can read and reprimand you on anything you guys say!!!!!!
    April…this might be a little to late but to post a new post, go onto the “dashboard”(that’s where it automatically goes when you login, with blogs stats, recent comments, etc) and on the right side close to the top, it says “Write a New Post” or something like that. click on it and write a post!!!!! By the way, you should lend ME that password. that could be fun!!!!

  10. hey – I feel left out….

    I want the password! It’s not fair that everyone else gets the password….

    hey – I bet andrew could guess it. . . hmmm… hey Andrrrrewwwwww! think like Lois!

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