The Travel Agent retires till March

Busy days, plus wacko internet several evenings, plus tons (and I mean TONS) of homework, plus babysitting till late, plus practicing piano for chapels, plus many flight-related phone calls at all hours, plus late-night talks with my girls = no posts the last couple days.  I offer my sincerest apologies.  And I offer my apologies in advance also, ’cause I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow, so there will be no posts till Monday.  Sorry!!!

OK, this is weird.  I’m up real late because there was a hockey game tonight, and I know I won’t sleep till the girls get back anyway.  And the internet is still on!  STRANGE!!!  Might as well finish writing this and post, I guess!

So….I have a date next Thursday.  With a guy.  A guy NOT named Nesser.  The guy is also about 90 years old, in case anyone was starting to worry!

Yes, I was at practical tonight — how did you know?!  I was wheeling him back to his room, and he was so impressed that those Bible school students come and sing Gospel songs with them (he didn’t realize I was one of those students) and was saying how he would very much like to make a habit of coming.  I said those students (gave up trying to make him understand I was one of them, so I was now a “they”) came every Thursday.  He was all excited, and asked if I would go with him next week!  Yes, I told him I would.  I would come pick him up, and would take him there, and no, I wouldn’t forget.  He is now very happy.  He also gave me some compliments, but I prefer them from someone else 🙂  Hmm…I wonder if he’ll even remember me next week?!  One of our ladies is moving away next week, and I shall miss her very much.  She’s been a big encouragement…always had a smile for us, and is fun to talk with.

Another thing I’ve been busy with — being travel agent.  I checked a bunch of flights last night and today and made about 15-20 flight-related calls, and this afternoon I booked 3 flights.  As a result, 3 people got good Christmas flights (I LOVE seat sales!), I will get in a visit with Sanderly at my house, and get to spend extra time at home, and my little brother gets to fly for a much cheaper price than we’ve been seeing.  And though April and I rather fearfully made a judgment call and went and changed Sanderly’s already-booked flight without her knowledge, it all turned out okay and she is VERY happy with the change.  Whew!  Booking without people’s consent makes me nervous.  But dealing with time differences makes getting a hold of them rather impossible at times.  So — 3 flights successfully booked!  I will make 2 more calls tomorrow (to cancel original flights), and then this travel agent will breathe a sigh of relief and officially retire until I need to book graduation flights.

Yup…I love life!  I love getting things sorted out.  It is such a good feeling to print off these flight itineraries and slide them into my flight file to take to the Bunnett’s tomorrow and give to Sanderly’s parents.  Such a feeling of accomplishment.  Printed off my testimony for the yearbook tonight also, and in a few minutes I will finish my 1000 word missions paper.  Yup.  I think I am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment!


3 thoughts on “The Travel Agent retires till March

  1. Also!

    It sounds like you’re keeping busy enough that you’re NOT getting much practice at Dutch Blitz – good! cuz I’m not getting any practice… nobody will play with me!

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