My weekend :)

So…I had a beautiful weekend.  Helped decorate the Bunnetts’ church for Christmas…met their pastor again…met a lot of people again, actually!  A lot of them are like, “…haven’t I seen you around somewhere????” and I respond, “Yeah, well, I’ve been here a lot off and on!”  I had to laugh at the different introductions I got.  If I was with April, it was “This is my friend Lois” and then Nesser would pop up, “No, she’s my girlfriend!”  I missed Sanderly being there with me.  This is nuts!  She’s in school in my province and I’m in school in her province!  Anyway…went for lunch with Nesser on Saturday (gotta love 4x4s, ’cause you can get out of the driveway with them!) and spent the afternoon walking around in the mall and doing some shopping before coming back to pick up April and go to a homeschool Christmas concert.  It snowed piles and piles and piles and I hoped it would keep storming till Sunday afternoon so I’d have to stay another day, but no such luck!  So I’m back at school (where there’s barely an inch of snow) for a couple days, and on Wednesday, I go back for American Thanksgiving break!  I LOVE American Thanksgiving!

The Christmas decorating and the snow and April talking about my church and my family and my KBIers made me homesick.  She had a DVD of KWT for me to watch, but I didn’t dare attempt it.  Maybe this weekend, or in a couple weeks when I’m closer to going home and seeing my family.  I’m clinging to a precarious balance homesickness-wise right now!  Let’s not upset this…I only have to hold out a couple more weeks.  Christmas is coming!!!


2 thoughts on “My weekend :)

  1. She gets to go see SOMEONE and SOME PEOPLE! It’s another chance to go see HIM and THEM! It has nothing to do with American and Canadian. It’s a selfish motive, pure and simple.

    You never told me you were homesick! Hope I didn’t make it worse…

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