Oh….wow….  Why do I go away from my blog?  I thnk I should put a blocker-thingy on it while I’m away!

I promise, Joanna, I’m honestly not spending all my time reading Theolgoy!!!  But yeah, I was feeling rather guilty for not reading my Theology those days, so it was probably a relieving of conscience to actually get a good chunk on it done!  Don’t worry, though — I promise, I will graduate before I turn into a theologian!

Mrs. G, would you believe I haven’t played Dutch Blitz a single time this fall?  I always threaten Sanderly that I am going to be the one to beat her, but…I dunno…no practice = no winning.  I’m kinda nervous.  I’ll make sure to make up for lost practice time before I see you next!  You know, you COULD come visit me at school!

Andrew, I am horrified that you would actually invite people, nay, plead with them, to make trouble on my blog!  One can only be glad that you saw the light and removed yourself from internet access for the weekend 🙂

April, it’s okay.  Out of the overwhelming goodness of my heart, I will choose to forgive you for not knowing how to get to the place where you can sign into my blog online.  And yes, your sisters do a perfectly good job of misbehaving — you don’t need to help them!  Paid in chips to chaperone…hmmm…should I bring another bag for you this weekend?!?!  And hey, what are you complaining about?!  I brought you a computer too!!!

Mrs. G, I agree with you — I think purple goes great for Andrew!  Maybe something is wrong with your computer or internet connection if you can’t see Mrs. Steele’s pic.  It’s a nice one.  It makes me miss them.  Or did I mention that already?!  And don’t you go telling April how to get my password again!  And NO videoing is allowed when she’s chaperoning!  Not like anything she sees would be awful…just don’t want you to have the pleasure of laughing at me!  Either way, she doesn’t know how to post videos (I think…I hope….) so it wouldn’t do much good even if she DID video it.

Andrew, chips is nothing — you should hear about the Bunnetts’ basement operation….

No, Mrs. Steele, I don’t think I WOULD trust you with my blog password!  Every so often, I see glimpses of you…glimpses of a side that tell me where Miss Steele got HER side from…and I know I dare not let you have my password 😉

Miss Steele, you don’t get the password either!!!  Mrs. G, it’s okay if you feel left out.  You’ll get over it, and they’re all in the same boat as you anyway, ’cause no one’s actually gonna get it.  Besides, you have the EMAIL password — what more could you want!??  And Andrew couldn’t even think like me if he tried.  Trust me.  We’ve talked.  He is most definitely a boy, and I am most definitely a girl, and he will never be able to duplicate my thought processes!


16 thoughts on “Responses…

  1. Ooohhh, there’s a challenge. Can I think like my sister?! I’ve lived with her for how many years – I should be able to duplicate the through patterns. Although sometimes they’re pretty complex…

    I’ve never really tried to guess her password – I should try!

    Hey – I know how to log in to her blog! I just don’t have the password – I better start thinking.

    Hey – Mrs G – if you give me the email password, I might be able to guess the blog password!

    April – simply go to and sign in.

    To Lois and blog readers – I give you my sincerest apologies for not being around this weekend to help make trouble. It’ll have to be another time!

  2. And Mrs G and Mrs Steele, sorry but I just don’t care enough about my purple picture to change. Thanks for the advice though!

  3. Oh Lois!!! You and all your bloggies are so much fun to take time with!!!

    I think you ACTUALLy could trust me with your password…you wouldn’t believe the temptation I had to fight with April’s plea for help with how to post. I wanted to help …. but the halo held firm through it all 🙂

    Hey Rachel…. great to SEE you. Your smile should prove you trustworthy I would think. And I wouldn’t torture or threaten or anything!

  4. hmmm…… so much to say – – –

    Lois believes that I would actually REMEMBER the email password…. hmmm… if I work hard enough, I just might… and come to think of it…. I might be able to work on the password…. it has possibilities!

    yes Andrew – we missed you this weekend… I barely got home in time to participate!

    I missed April, too… she started it, but couldn’t finish! and SHE’s the only one close enough to do anything about all our threats! – that is – if we WERE to threaten!… which of course we didn’t…. maybe the bag of chips has more power than we thought…

    Yes – I wish I could see the Steeles – instead of a black box… I do see a cute snowman, though, for Miss Steele…

    I’m not sure I liked being referred to as “these people” who “threaten, torture, etc…” I’m just a sweet little ‘ol granny! 🙂 (insert halo)

    Mrs. Steele – you sound innocent, but…. well – I think we all know better!

  5. See Andrew!!! You are better off with your purple thingy!!!! I have no idea why some people see the nice pic of Steele #7 and others see the black box. Unfortunately, I have other things that are pretty critical to look after right now….. like life in the fast lane! With a house full of irons in the fire 🙂 No…. there is not actually a fire…. other than the refining one!

    Miss S…. are you on the same side of the border as Mrs. G? Perhaps my pic is only visible in the same country that our very kind host resides. (Do you trust me now… Lois?….I can say more nice things about you if it helps…..)

  6. Hey!!! I typed my e-mail address in wrong and I got a new color!!!! I like it!!! Andrew!!! Mine is purple too…. I will have to remember my spelling error!!!!

  7. Mrs. G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your doubt is based entirely on what you have seen/read/heard on the rumor mill. I am quite sure you never saw anything OTHER than innocence in my life. Granted…. you haven’t known me as long as some others that frequent this blog…. but really………. you SHOULD be careful what assumptions you come to regarding me. 🙂 I have a smiley with a halo but don’t know how to insert it here. Unfortunate.

    Lois…. I am pretty sure her doubt stems from comments made by you…. do you think you could clear up the misconceptions about me? (HMMMMMM! Maybe that is opening a can of worms I would do better to leave closed!)

    Miss Steele you tread on DANGEROUS ground if you enter this particular thread!!!!

  8. Lois? Did you do something different? My comment is awaiting moderation. … has your trust in me totally crumbled? Or is it just one computer glitch in a string of many on our end?

  9. Perhaps, Mrs. Steele, I saw the outward appearance of innocence… but I recognized the glint in your eyes… (it takes one to know one!). But perhaps it was the quiet laughter when our apartment was TPed last spring…… maybe when you begin to share the truth, your black box will find color….??????? confession is good for the soul…. and the box…. (however, I’m missing the exact Scripture to prove it at this point….)

  10. LOL!!!
    Yes!!! Life is so much fun!!!
    As for honesty and the black box? We shall see….. Is it gone now?
    I enjoy letting the mischief behind the glint free every now and again.
    That is about as honest as I care to get ….. in this environment at least!!!!
    And how do YOU know that I was quietly laughing when your apartment was TPed?

    Is there a snitch among us? ….. A snitch who JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE HER CAMERA AT THE EVENT?

  11. Mrs. Steele!!!! WHAT are you saying about me??!! I can NOT believe you just called me that!! I do believe that I may need to pull out your full entire real name pretty quick here! (by the way — what’s your middle name?!)

    Hehe…I love cameras!!!!

    Love you!

  12. You can’t believe I called you that!? Well???? How else would Mrs. G know anything about me even knowing about the TP? ……..

    I looked the word up on to make sure I was using the right word… here is what I found…

    To turn informer: He snitched on his comrades.

    So I have to say:
    If the shoe fits ……

    And my middle name? ANGELICA!!!!! 😀

  13. OOPS!!! That last comment was not actually from Miss Steele,,,,, don’t know if you can edit it or not Lois….. it was from me… Angelica herself! I forgot to check whose name was in the name box!

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