Brain dead. No title.

Quote of the day, from Student Council Meeting:
“I couldn’t fall asleep in Mr. Deep’s class.  I tried!  I just couldn’t!  He’s yelling, taking his glasses on and off, coming down the aisles…” LOL!!!!  For those of you who came to the KWT grad conference this past year, Mr. Deep was our speaker.  Now do you understand why this student couldn’t sleep in his class?!

A really neat thing about yesterday was when I was talking to one freshman girl just before our ladies’ meeting that we had.  She had started crying, and I was comforting her when her roommate (a junior), sitting somewhere else in the room, looked up, saw what was going on, and zipped over to put her arm around this girl.  As she started to comfort and encourage her, all I could do was sit back and marvel at what was happening before my eyes!  This junior came to school last fall SO quiet that she would hardly talk to anyone.  She’d sit on the steps of our dorm all evening, refusing to talk to anybody or go anywhere with anyone or do anything, even if you’d BEG her.  It’s so cool to see how she’s come out of her shell and is now reaching out to others.  I love seeing what God does in the lives of those around me!

Mr. President made my day this morning.  I was playing piano in the chapel after breakfast this morning, as I often do.  His office is up above the chapel, so he can hear me very plainly.  Suddenly he came out in the middle of one of my songs to tell me  that he really enjoys me playing in the mornings and will miss it a lot when I leave.  He said he especially liked the last classical piece I usually play right before I leave every morning.  I played a couple measures of one, and he exclaimed “Yes, that’s the one!”  I smiled, laughed, thanked him, he left, and then I laughed again.  I KNOW he likes that one.  That’s WHY I always play it last, and that’s why it’s always the last one he hears before I leave for my class and he leaves for his!


One thought on “Brain dead. No title.

  1. Hi Lois (in case you think I talk to everyone but you on this blog…)

    So – what classical piece was it? you have me curious now! 🙂

    You know – you are a really special person! It’s because you do these things (like playing the piece that Mr. Pres likes, everyday! because you know it makes his day) that God uses you in the lives of others to encourage us.

    Thank you for letting God use you. Thank you for the special little things you do that make you such a precious friend to have! I thank God for you in my life!

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